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Related post: Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2010 19:11:59 +0000
From: James Leete
Subject: My Maquis Lover Chapter 24Disclaimer:This lola kids pornsites
story is lolas pics based in the "Star Trek" universe. The use of anything
related to "Star Trek" in litl lola this series is not intended to infringe upon the
rights of Paramount Pictures. The author is in no way associated with the
owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise.All other content or little girls bikinis
otherwise are works of my own imagination. All events
are fictitious in nature.Any similarities to persons living, dead, or otherwise are lolas free gallery purely
coincidental.This story contains strong themes of homosexual content, if this offends
you in any way, please refrain from reading further. If you are not of
legal age to read this, please leave now. Ok as lola sex 16 well'ˇˇbefore we start
this is based on the series Star Trek Voyager but with a twist from the
original story line and i hope you like it.Chapter 24: The Court MartialAs I sat in the little caesars pizza holding cell waiting for Tom to show up with Matthew i felt
tense. My mother had allowed him to come in and see me mainly due to the
reason that my son was only a few weeks old. As I sat there waiting from my
cell I could see B'Elanna and Kim. B'Elanna looked as miserable as I
did. "Hey B'Elanna did you find out if you and Tom could see Miral?" I
asked. "Yeah, Tom's dad will be bringing her tomorrow before the court
martial." she replied. "That's good then." I said. She smiled. "Carter
visitors." said the security officer. "Thank you ensign, but even though I
am in holding cell I still outrank you I expect to be called by my rank." I
said. "Sorry sir." he said. He walked over and released the forcefield and
then placed the restraints on pre lola girls nude
me. He walked me out the cell room to the
visitors room and in there was sat Tom and Kathryn with baby Matthew.
"Babes." said tom coming up to me wrapping his arms around me. The guard
was about to leave when Kathryn spoke up. "Excuse me Ensign, how is
Commander Carter meant to hold his son when he has these restraints on."
she said. "Sir I have orders not to release anyone. I'm sorry." he
said. "Well I'm telling lolas 14yo you to release him. That's an order." horny little nymphs
said. "Yes ma'am, but I will be stood just outside." he said. "Of course."
she replied. He released my restraints lola japan nude and took them off and left the
room. I went over and gave tom a proper hug and kiss. "I've missed you." I
said. "Me too." he lola porno movies replied. I then went over to Kathryn and gave her a
hug. lola tgp xxx "How you doing Jack." she asked. "I'm fine just scared for tomorrow."
I said. I then went and took Matthew off Tom fucked lolas
and sat down with him. "Hello
baby, how's my little man?" I said to him. He cooed as he sat there on my
knee dressed in a little outfit that I replicated for him. He little sexy things looked so
cute. "Daddy will be out of here soon baby, then we can spend some real
time together." I said to him. He giggled and this brought a tear to my
eye.After talking with Tom and Kathryn for real lola tgp a while and playing with Matthew I
was taken back to my cell. I sat there feeling really useless and upset
that I couldn't do anything or be with my family. I heard the doors to
the main cell room open and in walked a Starfleet officer that I had never
seen before. He little teen lingerie
was wearing red and had lieutenant commander pips on his
collar so he clearly worked in command or a similar field. "Okay guys
listen up. My name is Lieutenant Commander Billy Doherty and I'm your
liaison between you and the federation movies lola tpg
president during your court
martial. I want to advise you all of the charges that you face and they
are: conspiracy, theft of Federation property, namely starship Voyager,
sabotage of the Drydock facilities, willful damage of Federation lola illegal hardcore property,
USS Voyager, and disobeying direct orders of the Starfleet commander." He
told us little boys masturbating and i couldn't quite believe the list he was reeling off. "Now i
must ask as the ranking officer here, Commander Carter how do you intend to
plead?" he asked me. "On behalf of the senior officers and myself i will be
pleading guilty." I told him. He 14 y.o. nude lola worked on lola porn free links his pad naughty little cheerleaders and then said "So
entered into porn tube little
the record. I must advise you of how this will work. Tomorow
morning at 08:00 you will be woken and allowed rusian little pussy
to shower and change into
fresh uniforms. At 09:30 you will be taken to federation council meeting
hall and from there members of the federation council will sit whilst the
President conducts african lolas your court martial. She already has all of your reports
and the reports of Admiral Carter, Admiral Janeway and Lieutenant Walker
and Commander Chakotay. As the senior officer you will be entitled to make
a statement, Mr Carter on behalf of yourself and the senior staff. Do you
understand?" he asked. "Yes i do." He said. "Good. I will meet you here in
the morning at 09:30 then to take you over to the council meeting hall." He
explained. "Thank you." I said. He nodded and then turned and left. "Looks
like we are in for a long night." Said Paris. That really pushed me over
the edge when he said that and for the first time in seven years i really
lashed out at Tom. "Do you know what Tom, you might find all this funny and
familiar but i don't and really am not in the mood for your pathetic
little jokes. I had enough of it over the last nude little daughter seven years in the Delta
Quadrant!" i screamed. "Hey don't you talk to him that way." Said
B'Elanna. "Or else what B'Elanna. I mean it's not like you can shut
me up with lola nubile a punch is it." I said to her. "Jack your walking a very fine
line." She shouted at me. "Watch it Jack! And while we are at it what did
you mean this is familiar to me?" Paris asked. "Well Tom if i really need
to spell it out for you, you spent more time in a cell free lola pics
than anyone in this
room put together." I said. "That was years ago." He said. "Doesn't
matter it still hangs over your head." I said. "THAT'S IT LET ME OUT THIS
B'Elanna. picture sex lola
Before i knew the whole room was shouting at me and each
other. People shouting at me defending Tom and others shouting at
B'Elanna for having a go at me. There was teen little petite
only one person quiet and that
was Tuvok. It didn't take long for the sound to travel outside and for
the secuirty officer to come in but of course because we were shouting at
each other we didn't hear him until we heard a very loud
whistle. Everyone stopped straight away and looked at the door and there
stood the one woman i knew would sort this out. "THAT'S ENOUGH." She
screamed. There stood the one and only Admiral Kathryn Janeway with a
seriously pissed off look on her face! The room went silent little cute girl
straight away
and we all looked little milf
at her. I then looked at B'Elanna who had an angry look
on her face just as bad as mine. "What the hell is little lollitas sex
going on in here." She
said. I was naked little girl about to answer little preeten girls when she held up her hand "That was a
rhetorical question Jack so don't start. I am so disappointed in each and
every one of you. I thought i had little kim
the best crew in Starfleet but clearly i
don't. Know as the one person who i know won't have been involved lola boys in
this. Tuvok explain to me what just happened." She said. Tuvok went ahead
and explained what happened nude artistic lola and after he had finished speaking she lola tgp porno pictures walked
away from the front of his cell and towards mine then turned and walked
out. She returned two minutes later with 2 security officers and then little lupe anal said
"Lower the forcefields for Jack, B'Elanna and Mr Paris." She said. lola nude pictures One of
the little porno pics officers lowered the forcefields and then handed one of the restraints
to his colleague and the other to the admiral. Admiral Janeway came up to
me and placed the restraints of my little kuriboh hands before leading me out the room
closely followed by B'Elanna and Paris. She took us to the visitors room
and sat us down. "Now i thought you 3 were close friends. So what the hell
is going on?" she asked. I immediatly spoke up. "Listen this is all my
fault. I had a few jabs at Tom and he responded and things just got out of
hand. Tom, B'Elanna i am sorry for the way i acted in there. I was a darklola total
fool." i said. "Applogy accepted Jack. Friends?" said B'Elanna. "Oh you so
know bitch." i replied. She laughed as did Tom and Janeway. "Good now that
your settled Ensigns, could you take Mr Paris and B'Elanna back to their
cells. I want to have a private word with Jack." said Janeway. little schoolgirl sex
"Yes ma'am."
they each replied. B'Elanna and Tom both left the room and headed back to
their cells. "Now Jack i know this is hard for you. But i want you to be
aware of something. I don't know what is going to happen to you in
particular in that court martial. I have spoken to the president personally
and she isn't sure either of what punishment you will recieve. I have
rallied on your behalf, as have pussy gallery little your parents, Tom, Chakotay and even
Admiral Paris. But to be clear that the worst sentence you could recieve in
there is imprisonment and loss of your career. In essence you will loose
your position in starfleet." she explained. "I naked littles girls understand that and i
already though of that when i was doing this." i explained. "Okay fair
enough. Now go back to your cell and get some sleep. You have a big day
ahead of you tomorow and you need to be refreshed." she told me. I stood up
and she led me back to my cell. I entered the cell and the lights were
dimmed as everyone eventually fell asleep.When we were all awoken at 08:00 i felt somewhat refreshed but also sick to
my stomach. Being led out of the cells to the shower block where there
cubicles that had sonic showers in them i felt so lola 14 porn nervous. I would find out
my fate very soon and the thought of that made my heart race. After
showering and dressing and being taken back to the cell room where we were
served breakfast i barely ate anything. At 09:30 Lieutenant commander Billy
Doherty returned and led us out of the cell room and into the meeting hall
of the federation council down a small corridor where we told to wait. I
heard the african lolas nude
president do an introduction and then say "Bring in the accused."
We each walked lola guestbook
in with me leading and stood in free lola boy
front of the podium where
the president was stood. The littlelolas naked meeting hall was filled with representatives
from all over the federation and i could also see my parents, Tom, Admiral
Janeway and Admiral Paris sat watching on. "This court martial is called to
order." Said the president. "As you are already aware you each stand here
for crimes you commited against the federation. Just to recap the charges
you face are as follows: conspiracy, theft of Federation property, namely
starship Voyager, sabotage of the Drydock facilities, willful damage of
Federation property, USS Voyager, and disobeying naked lolas direct orders of the
Starfleet commander." she explained. "Commander Carter as the leader of
this mission you were asked to plead of behalf of yourself and nude lola kids your
crew. Please for the benefit of this court confirm that plea." she
said. "Guilty." i said. "So entered. Now in regards to this case i am at a
loss. In particular over you Mr Carter. I have had a great lola sex 12 yo
number of people
come to me and speak on your behalf. So in light of the case here, all
charges against the senior staff are to be dropped with the exception of
you Mr Carter. litle lolas So could i ask: little girl porn Commander Tuvok, Lieutenant Commanders
Daniel Fletcher, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Lieutenant Harry
Kim, Seven Of Nine and The Doctor to all take a seat and for Admiral
Janeway to step forward." she said. Everyone took their seats and the
admiral little girl galleries stepped up. "Now you were Mr Carters commanding officer and i have
read your reports about nude sex little him and spoken to you directly. Given this and the
conversation we had this morning, i believe you have something to say." she
told the Admiral. "Thank you ma'am. Jack over the past 7 years i have come
to rely on you and you have been one of my most valued officers and more
than that you have become a friend. It pains me that you are stood here
today but in light of recent events the president and i have come to an
agreement and that is that all the charges against you are to be dropped
except one and that is the theft of Voyager and your taking command of that
ship without proper authorisation." she told me. "Understood" i said. "So
noted, Lieutenant Commander japan lola free Jack Carter it is the judgement of this court
martial that you be removed from the rank of Lieutenant Commander and from
serving as an active engineer and be reinstated with the rank of Commander
serving in Command. Your fine ability to command the Starship Voyager and
prevent another war with the Dominion shows that you courage, determination
and a desire to work in command. It therefore gives me great pleasure to
promote you euro lolas
to the rank of commander serving as a ships first officer at
the earliest possible oppertunity. Congratulations." said the president. I
was stunned as she said this. The whole room errupted in to an applause and
i looked at Janeway with tears sex lola nude streaming down my face. I couldn't believe
that this was happening. Tom gave over to me and gave me a huge little panty sissy hug and
kiss as did my parents. I then hugeed Admiral Janeway and each of the
senior staff. This was amazing."Heres to you Jack. Yet russian little boys again you managed to escape danger." said Kathryn
as we stood in my front room toasting with champagne. "Agreed heres to you
Jack." said my mother. "Cheers." everyone said together tapping glasses
with each other. "How nude lolas girls is it that even though you broke the law little girl sexmovies
you somehow
got promoted?" said B'Elanna jokingly. "If that had been me lord knows little girl masturbate what
would have happened." she added. I laughed and said "You know me B'Elanna
this wonderful smile of mine can get me out of anything." i told
her. "Vain." she replied. the little agency I laughed and everyone started chatting with each
other. Kathryn and my mother grabbed me by the arm and pulled me to one
side. "Your mother explained what really happened and what was left out of
the offical report. I'm so proud of you but you shoudn't have done what you
did." Kathryn told me. "Now you have a lot to do to prove yourself in
command. But i'm sure you will do very well on board Voyager." my mother
told me. "Excuse me?" i said stunned. a little agensy "Chakotay." she called. Chakotay
walked up and said "Yes Admiral." "Stand down Captain." she
said. "Captain?" i said repeating her. "Calm down Jack. Chakotay has lola free pic just
been promoted to Captain not long after you were promoted to Commander and
was given command of Voyager." Kathryn told me. I was stunned. "How bout it
Jack? Fancy being my first officer?" asked Chakotay. "Gladly." i
said. "Good then i think you and i need to talk. We have a lot of work to
do before the ships nked lola re asian littlegirl pic
launch in 6 months time." he told me. "Of course
sir." i replied. "Then i suggest we meet for dinner tomorow evening. Where
would you like to go?" he asked. "How about here? I can cook." i
suggested. "Sounds perfect Kathryn would you care to join us?" he asked. "I
wouldn't miss it." she said. I smiled and we went back littles sluts
to the rest of the
crowd."Jack that hentai little
was amazing. I don't think i can eat for another week." said
Kathryn patting her belly. We had just finished dinner where i cooked a
huge meal that would have made Neelix very proud. After rounding off with
coffee and moving into the front room we all sat on the sofa. Tom and
Kathryn began to chat as me and Chakotay began to talk about Voyager. After
spending over an hour and a half talking about things from ship upgrades,
system improvements, new crewmembers and plenty of other things we free little incest decided
to call it a night. Climbing into lola pics thumbnails ru bed with 3d little girls Tom was so wonderful. He turned
to me and kissed me. "I've missed doing that." he said. Last night we
hadn't been able to do anything sexually from being too tired after the
days events and had just fell asleep. But now i could feel his growing
hardness brushing up against my side. I leaned over and kissed him. I felt
his hand run around my the bottom of my shirt and stopped when it was
halfway up. I looked at him, he had just his pajama little kds naked bottoms, no underwear,
no shirt and his abs were a gift from god. We layed back, him on top of me,
and he stripped me off my shorts and underwear, as well as throwing my
shirt to the floor. I peeled back his bottoms sleazy little and he got on top of me and
moved top lola porn his lola nude girl
hard 8.5 inch cock towards my hole. I helped guide it while we
kissed, our tongues fought intensely, trying inocent little kids
to overpower one another. We
embraced and he began to inch is dick nude lolas galleries
inside me. I moaned as it popped into
my anus, then he grabbed me and inched me onto a pillow. He began to rock
slowly, causing me to wince a little. "Oh yeah...You're so tight.." Tom
moaned, beginning to shove his cock in me harder. I gasped and began to
rock my little kids songs hips back into him. He began hitting my prostate faster and faster
as his rhythm picked up. I looked up at him, looking into his eyes. His
face was filled with determination. He was determined to drive his dick as
far as he could into me and I loved it, in the midst of all his pounding,
he leaned down and kissed me passionately. After about ten minutes of us
making out and him pounding his dick into me, I felt a familiar feeling an
my dick twitched. "HOLY CRAP!" I gasped, " I'M COMING!" And suddenly my
dick erupted and cum shot all over his stomach, and as if that was the
trigger, his face contorted and he began shoving his dick into me harder
and tgp little nymphs
suddenly I felt his dick convulse inside me 13yr little teens and a warm feeling spread
through my body. We fell back onto the pillow breathing heavily our bodies
covered in sweat. He kissed me again. "That was the best sex we ever had."
i said. He smiled. After getting up and cleaning ourselves we climbed back
into bed and cuddled up and drifted off to little mermaid fucked sleep.It had been a few days since the night dark lola biz Tom and I had our amazing sex
session after our meal with Chakotay and Kathryn. I was sat at home during
mid morning working while Tom was at the gym. I was working away when i
felt sudden wave of sickness over come me. I quickly shot up to the
bathroom and threw up. "Oh no." lola sex hungary i said to myself. The last time i had felt
like this i found lola free com
out i was pregnant. I quickly finished and flushed the
toilet before running down the stairs and sending a subspace message to the
doctor saying i needed to see him. He beamed over very quickly and scanned
me. When he was done he smiled looking at his tricorder. When i saw his
smile i knew little titties
why straight away. "It's true top pre lola isn't it. Im pregnant again
aren't i?" i said little ped pussys
to him. "Yes." he said. "How? It wasn't that long ago
since i had Matthew. I can't get pregnant again that xxx lola quickly can i?" i
asked. "Actually you can, clearly you haven't been listening to me. I nudes lolas
you that the two of you shouldn't fucking little kdz be having intimate littlenadia
relations until at
least 6 weeks after the birth at risk of an infection or becoming sex pre lola pregnant
again. Look whats happened." he said. "Oh, sorry." i little kiddy mpg said. "Good luck in
explaining this Tom." he said. "Thank you doctor." i said. He quickly left
and i sat there in silence. "Here we go again." i said to myself.
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