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Related post: Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 20:44:41 +0000
From: Glen Williams
Subject: Missed ShowerThis story is fiction, I made it up. It reflects nothing on real young america people and
any similarities to events involving people living or dead is unintentional.
The story itself involves sexual acts between two legally aged teen boys and
involves raunchy elements throughout. If you are not of legal age young kidsex to read
this story in your area, don't.
If you are, have fun and let me know what youngest password you think
psycho_syndromehotmail.comThe stink permeated the room. It was young sex teens the true smell of a real man. Having
been stuck in the sweltering summer heat all day, Ben knew that there was no
way the smell was coming from anywhere but him. It was so tangy and nasty;
he really wished he'd taken a shower that morning. If only the alarm had
gone off like it was supposed to instead of there being a power cut that
shorted it. Instead, he'd gotten up late for work when his mum called him
and had to run out of beautiful nudists young the house without showering since Saturday afternoon
after his under 21's hockey match. It was now Monday evening. Feeling
slightly uneasy because of neil young websites the look the old woman sat next to him girl petite young on the young boys bums bus
was giving him, Ben decided the easiest thing to do would be to just get off
the bus early and walk the rest of the way home. He pushed the button on the
bus, alerting the bus driver that he wished to get off. Pulling in about ten
stops from Ben's home, Ben ducked his head as he got off the bus, knowing
that the young toplist
rest of the people on the bus were nonnude young teens probably thankful for his
decision and set off across the park, thinking young sexy girl that it Gallery pussy young was probably the
quickest route home.
As Ben came round the corner behind his old junior school and the rest off
the park, he noticed a group of three sat in the small children's
playground. He couldn't make out who they were from the distance but as he
got closer he recognised Aaron, an old friend of his from school, although
they hadn't actually spoken since the last young underground nudes day (now three years top youngest pussy
ago) and
Scott, a guy he knew from a rival hockey team. He didn't know, or at least
recognise the other guy. Knowing how he smelt, Ben decided to keep some
distance as he passed.
Aaron was bored; sitting in the park young desires with some cider was all right when they
were 15, but now they were 19 couldn't they just go to amsterdam young porn the pub? Well, the
simple answer to that was yes, but no. It was all Scott's young nonude
fault, on that
stupid night the other week when he'd got far to drunk and got them barred
from the local. Sure, they could young art pictures go somewhere else, but young girl cums for one it was too
hot and for another it just required effort and the other two kept saying
they had none. That was another thing that was annoying Aaron. Scott and him
had become vombat youngest close friends in the past year or two, having gone to the same
college, but now they were slowly drifting young girls portal
thanks to Scott's new porn christine young
mate Steve,
who had moved in next door to him. It wasn't that Aaron didn't like Steve;
it was just that he was a bit jealous of him. Scott and Steve had become
really good friends in such a short space of time young teeens picture
that he was finding
himself feeling a bit superseded. Turning to look away from the two, Aaron
saw his old friend Ben in the distance, feeling the need to even the odds,
Aaron waved at his friend, hoping he'd recognise him after so long.
`Damn it' thought Ben as he saw Aaron waving at him, now he'd have to go
over, else it would just look rude. Walking porno young teen
over, Ben tried to keep downwind
of the young latina bikini three guys as he was acknowledged by Scott and introduced to Steve.
Aaron asked Ben young loita
to sit young porn russian down and talk with them, but Ben just felt
embarrassed and decided to just explain why he was being a bit young girls naturist evasive. The
three youngest anal pics
guys admitted youngest hot teens they had noticed but young rompl pics just didn't want to say anything.
Ben excused himself and started walking the rest of the way home, but Aaron
had had an idea and called after him "hey mate, why don't you just nip in my
house, you can use europe veryyoung girls our shower young girl topsites and I'll lend you another shirt, that way you
can stay out with us and we can catch up." This seemed like a bit of a
strange suggestion to Ben, but at the same time, he didn't see and harm in
it and agreed.
Aaron told Scott and Steve to wait and younger naked girls that they'd be back in about half an
The two guys walked toward Aaron's house, which was literally two minutes
from the little playground. As they did, the smell of Ben's body hung
between them and Aaron was doing everything tiny nudes young he could not to get excited
because of it. That was youngest nude virgins the real reason young thing Steve angered him, because he was
jealous that Steve and Scott were getting so close when in nude very young
truth, he had a
huge crush legal young porn on Scott. Ben however, young hot teens
was an old friend that he had liked at
school that he was now hoping that young 13 nude he might get to know again, you know,
just in case. Aaron also had a secondary secret, he was excited by how guys
smelled. youngest incest porno
It didn't matter whether it was a good Hot young anal smell like that nude young xxx
of deodorant
or aftershave or whether it was the nastier raunchier smell of unwashed man,
he just liked the smell of a guys body, and Ben's body smelt. Leading him
into his house, Aaron told young toon incest
Ben to go upstairs while he sorted him some
towels. Ben said `cheers' sex young virgin and went on up the stairs, not knowing that
Aaron's eyes were following his arse as he moved. Waiting a few moments
longer, Aaron grabbed some towels and went upstairs, just in time to catch
Ben coming out of Aaron's room, naked, and heading for the bathroom. Ben
might not have even noticed if not for the audible sharp intake of breath
Aaron took. As the two made eye contact, Ben felt nudist very young bloody embarrassed, his
mate seeing him naked and surly being able to smell his body, but Ben was
also surprised to find that Aaron wasn't moving, wasn't looking away and
was, in fact, coming further up the stairs. Froze in place by his
embarrassment, Ben just stood stock still and Aaron came ever closer.
Suddenly springing to life, Ben moved his hands to hide his cock and balls
and nervously laughed to try and break the young cambodian sluts moment. Aaron raping young girl looked his mate
over, and then began to sniff at the air. `God man, you really do stink'
Aaron young latin teens laughed at his friend, making Ben blush and certainly not easing the
tension. Stopping his laughing, Aaron young exposed nudes continued, `actually, as far as I'm
concerned mate, you smell young teenie underground great.' Ben froze for the second time in 2
minutes, not quite understanding what Aaron was saying. `Yeah, just loving
your stink, I'm so glad tiny young nudes you walked past today.'
Ben was beginning to get a bit frightened now, he didn't get what was going
on, but that soon changed as Aaron finally reached him and put his hand hot young teenagers on
his chest, young virgins sex moving his hand down over Ben's naked body, tracing his fingers
down towards where Ben's own asian young boys hand was covering his groin. Ben suddenly
snapped to life and pushed young indian at Aaron, knocking him down, he followed Aaron
toward the floor and knelt over him, grabbing him by the head and shouting
at him for doing shit like that. youngest hairless boys Placing Aaron in a head lock, Ben was
surprised beyond belief to feel Aaron begin to lick at his armpit, passwordz young where his
head little young breast
was caught. Knowing full well that his armpits stank of his sweat, Ben
was left again in a kinda daze as he tried to figure out what was going young rusian nudes
His arm moved by Aaron's, Ben felt his arm lifted above his head and Aaron
really began to go to work licking and kissing his armpit. free young photos
Confused as he
was, Ben was taken by complete surprise when Aaron ducked his head out from
his pit and kissed Ben full on, slipping his tongue inside. Ben young dreams tgp didn't know
what to do, but something inside him clicked and he lost himself to the
kiss, it just felt so good, so warm, and so nice that he had to have it go
on. Aaron however Girl nude young had other ideas, breaking the kiss, he moved quickly, not
knowing how far he might get before Ben stopped him. Dropping to his knees
he moved Ben's hand and quickly engulfed the whole of Ben's cock in one go,
taking young sex slaves it to his balls and washing the dirty sweaty cock with his tongue. As
it porno withyoung girls grew, Aaron moved his head with it, bobbing up and down and paying
special attention to the head of Ben's cock, drinking down and playing with
the precum that oozed from the tip. Ben couldn't believe his luck, he was
getting a fucking good blow job and he was feeling great for youngest nude angels it. It didn't
matter it was from a bloke, all that younge girls mattered at the moment was that he was
getting his german young porn rocks off. Aaron decided things needed to go further, as much as
he loved nursing the nice thick cock in his mouth, he wanted more and he
reckoned Ben was up for it. Standing up, he told Ben to watch as he began to
slowly strip his clothes. Starting with his t-shirt, he slipped it up and
off his 3d younger teens
chest, showing to Ben his thin upper body and erect nipples. Next he
moved his hand down to the waistband of his Adidas tracksuit trousers, which
did little to emphasise his rampant cock, which was clearly bulging out the
front of them and the Calvin Klein underwear, of which the waistband was
visible. Slipping his neil young lyrics hand inside these, it was hard to tell if he was doing
anything special or just doing what came naturally for the scally rude boy
that he was. Yet, as he pushed his trousers and pants down using his hand,
it was clear he intended to legal nude young be as naked as Ben. Giving his cock a few tugs
as it came into view, Aaron turned around and bent over. It suddenly dawned
on Ben what teen young selina was wanted and it decided that he was up for it, young fucked
his verry young movies cock
certainly was anyway. Moving forward, Aaron grabbed hold of his cock and
moved it toward his hole, slipping the head inside his teen boy pussy.
Aaron was in slight pain sex sites.young girls
from his russian nudist young
self inflicted intrusion, but certainly
felt a lot more as too young fuck
Ben free young russian shunted forward, nude young cuban slipping more cock in to tgps young
sweet ass. The two boys however soon found a rhythm and were pumping away,
as Ben shoved his cock into Aaron, young porn images
he found Aaron moving his own body toward
him, so that his cock went even further inside. The two were soon groaning
and moaning in their lust, with Ben sweating profusely, his stinky body
moving all over Aaron, drenching him and now mixing with his friend's own
sweat. As Aaron moved his head nude young lady and stuck it hot young latina
once again nudist young teen
into Ben's armpit, he
shot his cum all youngest whores over the tgp youngs place, groaning in pleasure as his head was
encased in Ben smell and his prostate was banged by Ben cock. naked young japanese The orgasm
that young amatures shook through his body caused his ass muscles to contract and massage
Ben's cock, causing Ben to shoot his spunk deep inside his friend.
The two teens collapsed on to each other, sweating all over. Ben withdrew
his cock and the reality young eel of the situation hit him as he looked down to see
Aaron's ass dripping with his porn little young spunk and his cock slightly streaked with
shit. Aaron noticed this and immediately changed his position, taking the
dirty smelly cock into his mouth and cleaning the arse juices from it,
causing it thai young pussi to swell up young and naked and drip a few remaining spunky droplets into Aaron's
mouth. Letting the cock child young xxx slip from his mouth, Aaron free young strippers stood and told Ben to go
take his shower, because he still stank, then smiled a real shit eating grin
and went back hot young schoolgirls
downstairs. Ben steve young biography
walked into the bathroom, a little shocked but
quite glad he missed his young cute teens
shower this morning and had to get off that bus
However, what neither of the boys realised was that the house was not quite
empty. Sat in his room further along the corridor, Aaron's brother Neil had
sat silently watching and wanking as his sex young teens brother got fucked by Ben, former
captain of his school hockey team and one of Neil's heroes and secret
fantasies.To be Continued....?Email me and let me know, cheers for fuck young angel
reading psycho_syndromhotmail.com
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