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Related post: Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 17:25:18 new porn teen site -0500
From: Willy B
Subject: Mile High pt12
Mile High
Part 12 "Chris? I'm sorry." Kelvin uncomfortably shifted on the balls of
his feet as his love crutched around the blackened, smoldering remains of
the Beast. teen porn cheerleader Both were unsuccessfully trying to stay out of the Fire
Marshal's way as he photographed the wreckage in the dim light of another
"You have nothing to be sorry about." Chris stepped back to allow
the man to examine the partial remains of a swastika that had been sprayed
and disappeared into the burn. "You didn't do this."
Chris angrily shed his crutches, turned his back to the wreck, and
silently limped away, `fuck the doctor', from the only possession he'd
received from his mom he could call his own. She'd given it to him when he
started his first auto-shop class as a freshman and he'd restored it from
the axles up. Then she ran afoul of the law and the State took everything
else they'd ever had together. `It was just a stupid old car,' he thought,
trying to convince himself and failing miserably.
"But this all happened because of me!" Kel fought back the lump in
his throat. Chris had paid more than he ever dreamed possible, had been
shot, and almost been killed! That he was next on the `hit list' didn't
assuage the guilt he felt over his friend's loss. "I don't
"Kelvin! xxx teen porn pictures Shut up!" Chris spun back, almost falling as his knee sent
its warning. "None of this is your or my fault! What? You want me to say I
don't love you any teen jesse porn more?" He finally collapsed onto the porch, burying his
head. "I can't change what's happened or how I feel about you even if I
wanted to. I'd sooner let another sniper finish me off!"
"Chris!" Kel grabbed him tightly and hung on as his love let his
tears flow. "Don't ever say that! I couldn't fa...." he felt his throat
constrict as he tried to continue. "I'm sor...." He stopped at the sharp
look he received. Chris obviously was tired of his apologies. "Oh, fuck it!
I could never stop loving you either."
"OK,..." Chris wiped his eyes and smiled weakly, "...but don't be
surprised if I put up a sign, 'Kel's house that way!'"
"Thanks a lot," Kel grimly smiled back. "I appreciate young teens ass
your wanting
to share." He leaned in closer to block the world. "I hate to ask but...can
I use the bathroom? I've got'a take a wicked dump and after teen porn girls galleries dealing with
you last night I don't think I can hold it much longer."
"Great." Chris responded sarcasticly as Kel successfully brought
his thoughts to a different subject. He winced internally as he thought
about how caring but clumsy they'd been. "All I need now is another
nickname. So, instead of 'Tigger' I suppose you're gon'a call me 'Ex-Lax'
"Well, actually....," Kel paused, cautious about how to respond,
then smiled that his devastated friend could still joke around a little,
"...I was thinking of Roto-Rooter, but I won't do that to you, Sharon would
never let me live it down." He came back to his immediate problem and the
pressure he felt. "So, Tigger, can I?"
"Sure, Mile High." Chris couldn't help but use Kel's hated
nickname. "You porn tits teen know where it is. You don't have to ask."
"Christopher?" Charles stepped away from the officer who'd been
taking his statement and looked across the yard to watch the interplay
between his gay son and friend. He had no idea what they were saying to
each other, but saw the grim smiles they exchanged. He couldn't help but
smile himself. He was never more proud of him than when he saw that his son
still had a sense of humor. Charles squared his shoulders; it was like his
own combat experiences as an eighteen year old. You could collapse totally
or face it with humor. He still thought MASH was the most accurate war show
ever done. He had no illusions, his son and his friend were at war. Not one
where they could shoot back, but it was a war and his son had proved he was
a survivor, was stronger than many.
"You know we only had liability on your car?" Charles settled next
to his son and waited for the implications to sink in. No insurance. "I'm
afraid it's totaled. Gone for good."
"Yes, sir." Chris glanced from the blackened hulk to his hands that
had transformed it once before. The damage done was too great to fix it. He
could see it without his dad's saying it.
"It's gon'a take a while before you'll be able to replace it. I
wish I could help you more." Charles looked at his son.
"I know," Chris whispered back. "I can find a way to work. I wanted
to ask about changing to full time. I was going to quit the track team
"No, you're not." Charles draped his arm over his son and pulled
him closer. "You love running for the team; besides, you haven't even gone
to the first meet yet." He felt his son shudder free teen sex trailers
slightly. "That was your
plan to be accepted by everybody, wasn't it?"
"Yeah, but it's hopeless. We'll never be left alone," Chris
responded, his bitterness reasserting itself.
"That's probably true," Charles sighed as he continued. "But you
still do it because you love it and I don't want you to give it up unless
you really want to." He hugged Chris tighter before going on with his
idea. "I'll let you borrow that old '44 Willys I've been playing with in my
spare time. It's running fine, I just have to get it registered." He saw
his son's eyes widen. He'd been playing around with the old Jeep for years,
intending to use it to get in the act at some of the airshows when they did
reenactments. "I know green isn't your favorite color and it doesn't have
air conditioning...."
"Air conditioning?" Chris smiled through his conflicting
emotions. He'd been independent with the car because it was the only thing
that was his. "Hell, it teen masturbation porn doesn't free teen gay videos even have a canvas top yet." He couldn't
believe his dad was willing to risk his other `pride and joy'. "No, I
couldn't. What if som...."
"Christopher, just stop it!" Charles released his son to hold him
by his shoulders. "I know you don't like charity, but I'm your dad, so this
isn't charity. Besides, who do you think helped pay for your trips to the
junk yards and parts shops. I expect you to keep it in top shape for me. No
playing `Rat Patrol' out in the oil fields." He saw confusion in his son's
features. "Never mind! It was an old TV show."
"But what if those guys burn it too?" Chris asked. "I don't teen high porn think I
could stand...you've worked too hard on it. It's your...."
"Look, Chris," Charles real amateur teen sex replied impatiently, "if it gets destroyed
too, I'll just wait and get another project to work on. Maybe even that
halftrack one of my contacts in Oklahoma will never finish. He owes me a
few favors." He took a deep breath and caught his son's eyes. "As much as
I'd like to hide you japenese teen porn away from all the what-ifs out there, I wouldn't! I
love you too much, so we'll face whatever happens together for as long as
I'm here.... OK?"
"OK." teen porn young 13
Chris leaned over against his dad as they watched a wrecker
slowly start to winch his car onto its dropped bed. Even the tires were
gone. "Maybe we should look into that halftrack anyway. It's armored!"
Chris smiled ruefully.
"Naw," Charles chuckled as they held each other, "I don't think we
could afford the gas, the way you drive!" He looked over to see his son
staring back, and smiled at him. "Of course, there are a few people star porn teen I'd
like to run over with one right now...." "Ow! porn website teen
Fuck!" Kel yelled in frustration as the wrench slipped again
and his knuckles scraped the tall pole they were removing from the old
jeep. Charles had teen naturalists nude
already removed the fake machine gun from its mount on
top. "Why does this have to come off again?" he asked curtly as teens having sex pics he stared
at Chris's legs sticking out from under the vehicle.
He pulled his coat loose from the snag it had found again, almost
tearing it, and cursed the shifter poking him between the legs. He porn with teen should
have listened closer to Charles' advice sexy nude teen
about how to approach the
problem. That Chris seemed to have recovered from that morning amazed
him. When he'd come out of the house, mission accomplished, the remains of
the car were gone and Chris and his dad had disappeared for over an hour
while he'd waited impatiently on the porch. When they'd both reappeared
with red eyes, Kel kept his questions to himself and followed the two out
to Charles' shop at the airport.
"My dad doesn't think it would go too well to park in the school
lot with a machine gun mount," Chris yelled from under the Jeep. "Just hold
what you've got and I'll turn from down here!"
Kel could hear the laughter in Chris's voice. He felt at home in
the air doing things others couldn't, but here he felt like a complete
goofball. Was lacey teen porn it left to tighten? No, `lefty loosey', was that how that
stupid rhyme went that Chris kept telling him?
"Wait a minute!" Kel saw the bolt head turning before he'd fitted
the wrench back in place. "I need to get it back in the hole!"
"Well, put some hair around it!" Chris couldn't help himself as he
pictured Kel wedged between the seats, fumbling around in unfamiliar
territory. "Then maybe you can find it!"
"Fuck you, asshole!" Kel retorted, smiling, finally getting
everything back in place. "I'm ready now, oh great and hairless wonder!"
"Watch it!" Chris yelled back. "I resemble that remark! There,
that's petite young teen porn
one down!"
"Great!" Kel responded, then looked in confusion at the other
three. "Argh, which one was the next one?"
"OK, boys, how's it galleries teen porn going?" Charles stepped out of his office to
check on their progress and smiled when confronted with the two pairs of
dirty sneakers visible above and below the Jeep. "You need any help with
"It's going!" Kel yelled back as Chris yelled, "No, we got it!"
"Kelvin?" Charles continued to smile at the two of them. Chris was
actually a pretty talented mechanic if that's what he wanted to do. Kel was
better off doing something else. "Your mother called to tell you to meet
her at the hanger about one and to try to stay clean!" He chuckled to
himself. thailand teen nude
There was little hope of that, even if he stayed where he
was. "Don't worry, I told her to bring you a change of clothes."
"Thank you!" Kel yelled over his shoulder as they finished the last
bolt holding the free teen porn films
mount to the floor of the olive drab vehicle. "Fuck!
Goddammitalltohell!" He suddenly cringed as the mount toppled silently
across his back, his body absorbing the impact!
"You OK up there, flyboy?" Chris called out in concern mixed with
some mirth.
"Flyboy?" Kelvin struggled briefly, then stopped. He didn't want to
cause any more damage than he may have already. "I think this thing is
going to your head! At least I have five nude lesbian teens
more reasons why I need to stay
out of the army!"
"Nine, actually." Charles stated calmly as he pulled the heavy
mount off of his son's best friend. "Now you've got to put the bolts back
in the holes."
"Great!" Kel growled. He felt his ears burning as both Bauchamps'
chuckles filled the air around him. Finally, he teen porn 13 17 couldn't help but giggle
himself and thanked God that there weren't any video cameras around. It was
bad enough that this would get back to their friends at school, without
them actually seeing it! He couldn't wait till he got his license and Chris
could fly with him. He'd get his revenge then. "I'm looking forward to
it. It's what I live for!" Kelvin nervously finished dressing in the clothes his mom had
brought out to him. His mom was acting virgin teen video porn
very strange. That and everything
else that teen sexual intercourse porn
had happened that morning were unnerving him. He couldn't figure
out what she was being so secretive about. For a moment he fought back the
panic he felt when he thought of his father, but she wasn't acting like
anything had happened to him. In fact, the only emotion she'd shown was
when she saw Chris without his crutches. She had ripped him a new asshole
for that, while Charles just looked on, smiling. Kel had just shrugged his
shoulders teen young asian porn
and smiled when Chris had turned to him with pleading eyes before
skulking off to retrieve them. Finally satisfied he looked OK - and didn't
smell - he left to join the others.
"Ah, Kelvin. glad you could join us." His mom looked up from her
newspaper she'd been sharing with an older gray-haired man Kel didn't
recognize. "This is Mr. Terry Miller from the FAA."
Kel rocked back on his heels before he took the tiny teen topanga pussy offered hand. The
FAA! They had heard about his funeral tribute after all and were here for
his pound of flesh in payment. He swallowed hard and visibly
straightend. If he was well and truly fucked, it was still worth it!
"Relax, son," the old man drawled, his accent making every word at
least two syllables, "I was there for that exhibition you put on, but I'm
not here for that. As far as we're concerned, that never teen anal fucking happened. OK?" teen or porn teen nude girls
paused for a moment fat black teen porn
and was pleased to see the young man's defensive
posture ease. Smiling, he continued, "Like your amateur teen boobs mom said, I'm from the FAA
and I'm here to help you!" He couldn't help but chuckle as Kel recognised
lie number one in the top three of the aviation world, according to the
pilots. "No, actually I am here to help, I think. Where's your log book?"
"Yes, sir." Kel quickly retrieved his book where he'd recorded
every hour he spent at the controls and handed it to the government
official. "What is this about, then? I didn't do anything else wrong, did
"No, you didn't do anything wrong." Terry quickly examined the
entries. Damn, the kid already had almost a thousand hours. "Except maybe
letting your dad make you wait this long."
He closed the book and glanced from mother to son. "Hell, I was
flying mail in Alaska with my dad when I was thirteen! Anyway, your father
asked me to handle this myself. The first thing you're going to show me is
how to plan a flight from here to Austin and back. I'll want you to file it
and then cancel it. small amtuer teen porn
Then you and I will go flying." He smiled again as
recognition doggy style teen porn suddenly filled the boy's face. "I signed your dad's ticket
more years european gay teen porn ago than I care to remember...I'll be honored to sign yours too
after you show me that your father knows what the hell he's teen sex porn movies talking about."
Kel sat at the desk and reached for the charts and his E-2B flight
computer (More like a slide rule on steroids) as his heart pounded. He'd
been so comfortable with the idea of not having to face this final exam for
almost a year. He shook himself to clear his mind for the tasks ahead,
suddenly glad his father never let him use the GPS. He teen girls doing porn smiled grimly as he
spread the chart out on the table. This was going to be an early form of
IFR flying - `I Follow Roads!'
Kelvin guided the rented Cessna to its parking free indian teen porn space and proceeded
with his shutdown. He'd never sweated so much in his life and wasn't sure
whether he was happier to pass or that the ordeal was over!
"Good job, son." Terry beamed at him. "That's a pretty shirt you've
got on. It'll be a shame to ruin it but...." He shrugged his shoulders
dramaticaly as his voice trailed off.
"I thought that was only..." Kel popped his door open after
securing the controls, "...when I soloed." He saw his mom then, standing
with her scissors behind where Chris stood, both with broad grins on their
faces. A suspicion began to grow that his parents weren't the only ones who
knew about the set-up. He let an evil smile cross his face. He and Chris
would fly to see Mike and Mr. Goldman all right, they'd just do it upside
"Well, I have my own traditions," Mr. Miller started as they
reached the others and he began cutting the back panel out of Kel's
T-shirt. "Now remember. I want you to teen age amature porn go forth and don't do nothin stupid!"
He finished and pulled Kelvin's coat back down. "I'll go finish the
paperwork and we're done. Oh, horny teen sex
and I may be a couple of weeks early, but
Merry Christmas."
"OK, how much did you know about this?" Kel whispered to Chris as
they watched the man teen porn latin girls
walk into the hanger. He was sure if he died right
then, they'd never be able to get the smile off his face. "And how can you
be so happy?" Kel regretted the last question when he saw the shadow cross
Chris's eyes only to be instantly banished by his renewed grin.
"Well, first, I've known for a few days...," Chris said, watching
for his love's reaction. The look of disbelief, that he'd been able to keep
the secret, was worth it, "...and second, I'm happy because you're happy. I
wouldn't have missed it!"
"You'd better make sure you get all the signatures you need." Kel's
mom beamed at him. "Then, why don't you call your other friends and see if
they can come over to the house? You need to make sure you call your dad
tonight; otherwise, he won't get any sleep...."
The rest of his mom's instructions were lost on Kelvin as he
drifted into the hanger after Mr. Miller. His head was back in the
clouds. This time without an airplane!__________________________________________________________________________________________ teen blonde porn gallaries "OK, we're all here." Steve walked over to their small group of
friends gathered around the old but now immaculate Jeep, its dropped
windshield partially covering the free nude teen video
single white star on the hood. "What's
going on? Who joined the army, all of a sudden?"
"Nobody joined anything, except maybe your grandfather's army,
dipshit!" Sharon smiled at him. "This is Chris's new car...give or take a
million miles."
"Cool! But what happened to...." Steve asked, puzzled.
"Someone burned it last night," Chris's strained voice lesbian teen eat broke
through. He was tired of repeating it and needed to forestall another round
of pity. "We're just trying to figure out who did it. Besides, not all our
news is bad! He paused for effect while watching Kel blush
furiously. "Kel's a real pilot now!"
"What was he before?" Steve asked, still trying to absorb the other
news and steaming inside.
"No, I mean he got his license today," Chris continued as the
others began their congratulations with various high fives and the usual
good natured punches and shoving around. Chris hoped they'd tone it down
before they put Kel back in the hospital gay porn teen boys
for another beating, this one
accidently from his friends. "Now he can take passengers along with him."
"So who you raw teen porn sex gon'a take up first?" Sharon fluttered her eyelashes
dramatically. "Not that I'm making any suggestions..."
"I don't know." Kelvin winced as the last blow fell on his teen porn thumbz
arm and
the others backed porn teen slut away. "First, I've got to heal! But then I figured I'd
take Steve up. I know how much he likes to fly."
"I don't think so." Steve, startled, quickly tried to melt to the
back of their group. "Thanks but no thanks."
"Hey, you teen girl website porn did all right in Mr. Goldman's small jet," Kel grinned
back evilly. "I promise I'll take it nice and easy...."
"Yeah, right!" Steve retorted, not about to believe it for a
second. "At least in the jet, I could tell up from down!"
"It won't be that bad," Kel continued to grin at him. "I'll ask my
dad to order some vomit bags just for you, if that'll make you feel
"Better make it a bucket!" someone else said in the group, to
raucous laughter, while Steve continued to turn green at the thought of
what he'd seen the little white biplane doing. He couldn't stand
rollercoasters, there was no way he'd sexy teen asses be caught dead in that little winged
torture chamber.
"OK, let's go inside..." Steve looked up as Jenny, his long time
girlfriend and future wife, seemed to come to his rescue, "...before my
fiance pukes his guts out right here!" She looked on lovingly as Steve
sputtered in surprise. "We still need to figure out what to do about the
other...." "I hope we can get those fuckers," Sharon whispered in Chris's ear
as she hugged him goodnight. They'd all agreed to keep an free teen porn gallories ear out for any
rumors or bragging they knew would happen around the school and then vowed
to report what they heard, no matter what it cost!
"Thanks, Sharon," he whispered back. "I just hope everybody's
careful." Chris had urged caution. As far as he knew, all the others were
straight and he didn't want them blue teen porn pics to get hurt in what was his fight after
all. Steve was the most vocal in his intense loyalty to his friends, it was
almost frightening. But then Chris and Kel had some free celeb teen porn
idea of what he'd been
through himself over Mike's coming out, how teen porn thumbs galleries
much abuse he'd taken when the
school heard his best friend was gay and he stayed his best friend.
Chris idly thought of Steve as the guy he'd vote most likly to fall
on a grenade to save his friends as he listened to him speak. That Steve
let it out that he'd joined the Coast Guard - he'd report at the end of
August - surprised everyone but Chris. Chris knew Steve was just the right
person to push himself to the limit for others, putting the littel teen porn `team' before
his own safety!
"We will be. Don't worry about it." Sharon pulled away and turned
to Kelvin. "And you. I'm gon'a hold you to that promise next week! No
`funny' business up there!" She looked as he grinned back at her. "Damn it!
I mean it! Otherwise I'll tell everybody why you're walking funny."
"I am not walking funny!" naked teen girlszbian porn Kel looked over his shoulder, making sure
his mom wasn't around.
"I know that," she laughed. "So how was it?"
"Great!" Kel stopped himself, glanced guiltily at Chris and felt
the blood drain from his face as she continued to laugh.
"Don't worry, you freshman teen porn
two." She brought herself under control. "I won't
ever tell anyone!" Having scored her points, she turned to leave. "Better
go. Joel's waiting for me. You know? He's a lot like that beer - Less
filling but tastes great." She continued giggling. She loved to shock, it
was so much fun.
"I think that's more than we both wanted to know!" Kel retorted to
her retreating figure. "I'm gon'a have nightmares tonight!"
"Yeah,..." her dim voice came back to them, "...like you're going
to get any sleep!" "So what do you want to try tonight?" Kel looked at his boyfriend
lying back on top of his bed as he lounged beside him.
"Don't put it that way," Chris chuckled. "It makes it sound like
homework for some elective we're taking." He started grinning, thinking of
weird class titles. "Jeeze, I don't know, should I take basket weaving or
butt fucking?"
"OK, asswipe!" Kel grinned evilly and grabbed the bulge in Chris's
jeans hard. "Then what did you want to do?"
"Well!" Chris pitched his voice into a high falsetto, causing Kel
to let go and roll into a fit of laughter. "We'll just have to play it by
ear. You know, just see what comes up!"
"OK. Let's see what comes out." Kel raised himself onto his
elbows. "I mean up!" He grinned back while he rose up and pulled his shirt
over his head and threw it into the corner. "Hey, aren't you gon'a join
"No." Chris rolled protectivly on his stomach and looked at Kel's
laughter-invoked sheen of sweat, making his unspoken challenge.
"OK," Kel looked back in mock consternation, a wicked gleam shining
in the lights, "but you'll have to tell me if I hurt your knee!" He pounced
then and was shocked to find himself lifted as Chris rose under him and he
rolled off the bed onto the carpet. He looked up into the grinning face of
his boyfriend.
Kel found himself in a brief quandary over what to do next. He
still had ahold of Chris's shirt and it had pulled up enough to trap one of
his boyfriend's arms. If he let go now, Chris would just get ready to fend
him off again. So he fre teen porn pulled hard and was rewarded when he pulled Chris teen porn in stockings onto
the floor with him. Chris winced slightly and he almost stopped until he
felt Chris's free hand at his belt. He pulled up on the shirt tail
again. Chris would either have to let him have it or it would tear! He
didn't care which happened at that point. Chris had started it, after all!
The match was on!
Kel's mom stood at the top of the stairs listening to the sounds,
of inarticulate laughter and the occasional thumps and curses, that emerged
from behind her son's door. She thought about going down to break it up
before they broke blonde teen pussy the furniture or themselves but decided against it. teen beach porn She
turned away to head for her own bed. She'd wake up what was left of them in
the morning. She'd also have teen porn anal sex to remember to take them to task for their
language. "You sure you're ok?" Kel asked his boyfiend as he leaned, nude,
against the side of the bed with Chris. He smiled weakly. He was nude, but
he'd gotten Chris's shirt off finally and his jeans and boxers down to his
knees before he'd winced hard with pain free porn movie teen and they'd agreed to stop.
"Yeah, teen porn resize 07
I'm sure I'm OK." Chris tentativly bent his leg and breathed
out when nothing happened. He reached down and pulled the rest off himself
then leaned back again. "There, now we're even."
"So what do we call this?" Kelvin chuckled to himself as he stared
at Chris's rapidly hardening penis, pumping up with each visible heartbeat,
then at his own rigid member hard against his sweaty abdomen.
"I don't know," Chris panted back, smiling and wiping his
forehead. "Foreplay?" He began nude teen whores to chuckle himself at the thought.
"Ha, I'll show you foreplay." Kel teen nudes thumbs
reached over and grabbed Chris's
cock and stroked it a teen porn affiliate program few times, playing peek-a-boo with the head. "I ought
to make you suck on this thing yourself, except then no one would ever see
you again!"
"Naw, sexy porn teen I'd rather play with you." Chris rolled towards Kel and
grabbed him as well. "I'm around me all the time."
"How can you stand it?" Kel giggled, then took a sharp breath when
Chris shifted his grip to include his balls and squeezed.
"What did you say?" Chris smiled and bent to attack the mountains
and valleys of his friend's naked chest with his tongue, focusing on the
"I said I love you and will never say anything meantoyouagain!" Kel
rushed through his words and was relieved to feel Chris's grip loosen. "Oh
fuck!" Kel knew his nipples were sensitive ever since he'd slid shirtless
through a patch of sticker bushes playing football with his brothers in big butts teen porn the
back yard. Only now he understood why they'd laughed at him so hard. They
could feel good too!
Chris left what he'd been doing and moved slowly down the ridges of
Kel's abdomen until he found the slightly dimpled, almost flat bellybutton
and sucked it taiwan teen porn
like a small inverted penis. He felt the rumble of a deep
growl race through Kel's body as he smiled in between his attacks.
"Let...me...do...you...too." Kel managed to squeak out through the
sensations coursing through him from unexpected areas.
Chris moved to lie flat on his side and curved his back so they
would be at the same level as he helped position Kelvin alongside of
him. His own breathing became ragged when he felt Kel's tongue at his own
slightly deeper bellybutton. He swore he could feel the tip of Kel's rigid
pole, which he'd held out of the way, throbbing bad ass teen in his short hair, slicking
part of it in the process.
When Kel fat hairy teen porn moved down and swallowed him, he did the same. This time
there was no soap or chlorinated water to deal with. What they tasted was
just them and they each reveled in it!
Kelvin laughed internally as they both continued their work through
the intense feelings each gave the other. teen latina porn stars
This time it was drawing out. He
was lasting much longer than he had in the past. Maybe, he thought, they
needed to fight more often. He felt one of Chris's hands leave his balls
and a finger force its way through his clenched cheeks and into him. That
was almost too much in the state he was in but he managed to fight back and
reciprocated, finding his own finger now trapped in the warmth his
boyfriend exuded inside.
Too soon it was over for them as Chris began shooting wave after
wave out of his body, this teen old, porn movie
time not outlasting Kelvin, who followed just green teen porn
Chris's had slowed to a dribble which felt like it was forcibly pulled
through him like a straw.
Reluctantly, they let each other go and Kel flipped his position to
bring them face to face. They smiled and kissed teen manga porn quietly as they stroked
each other's sleek bodies. Neither said a word, wanting the moment to gay teen porn pictures
teen porn amature last
as long as possible. Kel finally stopped and reached up, pulling the bed
covers down to where they lay. He snuggled as close to Chris as he could,
both content to stay on the floor, and held Chris as tightly as Chris held
him. Kel taxied the little biplane through eight teen porn the dark to the end of the
runway while Chris fidgeted in the cramped front cockpit. They'd both
quietly dressed and blearily sneaked out of the house in the predawn
morning, only to come down to make this flight at Kel's insistence.
"Chris, I know this is early..." Kel began through the intercomm gay teen thumbs as
they began their takeoff roll, "...but I wanted to share this with
you. You've heard me repeat it over and over. Now just listen to the words
and enjoy the sunrise. I'm tired of sunsets."
Chris watched as they climbed higher between the dark clouds that
patterned the sky. Suddenly they broke out above the clouds and were
surrounded by golden light reflecting off the tops, white porn teen turning them a rich
gold as well!
"Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth," Kel began `High
Flight' from memory, the sights this morning almost overcoming him as
well. "And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings...."
Chris felt his own tears as Kel continued introducing his two loves
to each other. He had no doubt he was the most important of them but
embraced the other like an old friend as Kel began some vertical
maneuvers. Strangly, he felt his nervousness leave his body completely. He
was secure up here.
"...Where never lark, or even eagle flew," Kel continued, watching
the sun glint off the gold colored white wings to either side. He pulled
back to straight and level high above the gold cloudtops now, with only the
dark blue above. He pulled the throttle back and felt the noise inside
diminish to almost nothing.
"And, while teen girl porn site with silent lifting nude teen porn mind...," he continued quietly now,
"...I've trod the untrespassed sanctity of space..." Kel didn't think of
himself as traditionaly tiny teen porn archives religious. His God was porn teen casting counch one of love, not the
churches he'd rejected. He'd once heard that to love someone totally was to
know the face of God. So he gently reached his hand through the small space
between the cockpits and stroked Chris's soft tear-streaked face. "...put
out my hand and touched the face of God."
They flew on in the quiet peace of another Sunday free xxx teen mpegs morning. Soon
they would have to return to earth and their troubles would still be there,
but they were secure. Secure in their families, secure in their small
circle of friends and, most of jap teen porn
all, secure in their love for each
other. Nothing else mattered! The End?In answer to a couple of E-mails about the poem 'High Flight'. teen soft core porn
It is
available from any pilot or from many different sites around the web. It
was written by John Gillespie Magee, Jr. He was a 19 year old American
fighter pilot flying for the Royal free porn teen pic Canadian Air Force in 1941. He penned
the poem and sent it to his parents after hardcore teen titan porn a test flight in a new
Spitfire. Three months later he was killed during a routine training
flight. Forever 19 years old.High Fight
By John Gillespie Magee, Jr.Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth
And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings.
Sunward I've climbed and joined the tumbling mirth of sun-split clouds
And done a teen girls only porn hundred things you teen porn action have not dreamed of.
Wheeled and soared and swung high into the sunlit silence.
Hov'ring there, I've chased the shouting winds along and
Flung my eager craft through the footless halls of air.Up, up the long delirious burning blue
I've topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace
Where never lark, or even japanese teen nude eagle flew.And, while with silent lifting mind
I've trod the untrespassed sanctity of space,
Put out my hand and touched the face of God.
__________________________________________________________________________My thanks to ED for his assistance with this story. It has been great!
Please let me know what you think of this story. Based on the E-mails I've
recieved, this story has touched a lot of you free porn teens videos and I thank you for your
responses! I have been trying to answer all I young teen lesbain porn recieve. (With varying
degrees of success.) I want to thank Nifty for giving me a place to free teen porn moives
Kelvin and Christopher with you all! It has been my pleasure to do so.
Willy B. (haztechmsn.com)
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