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Fat lesbian models I model pantyhose


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Related post: Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 03:01:58 +0000
From: Ron Kelly
Subject: Me,Nickie And Meg # 5 children models nudes
Bi-Sexual/Incest/UrinationThe next day I could child modeling boston hardly wait to talk to Nickie and Meg,it was afternoon
before the three of us got together in the tent.Meg was dying to know what
went on and was flabbergasted when I told her of my exploits.Nickie waited
till I was through,then told us about my dad and him.
"I really enjoyed the way he made love to me,he had me actually believing I
was a girl myusenst models petite
all the time he kissed me when he had his dick inside me.His
hands contiuously hential teen model felt every inch of my body,playing with child model galery my
tit's,squeezing them pedo model toplist
like I do meg's model naturist photographs when we have sex,then he would play
with the cheeks of my ass as he rotated his cock buried deep inside my
ass,man,he was fantastic Ronnie!""Yeah,I know,I never know when he's going to young models nonud nail me,he sure knows how to
make a girl feel loved."I said,laughing.
Meg was setting with her legs spread sexy russain models and her hand down inside her
shorts,there was no doubt model porn mpeg
she was fingering herself.
"My mom said they were going to have mother and daughter night soon,you get
with her Meg and I promise she you a hot time,I know."I said,laughing again
as I took hold of both sides of her shorts pulling them down baby models xxx to her ankles
as she slid her feet out of the legs.The crotch of her panties was soaked as I lay between her preeten modeling
thighs and placed
my mouth over vombat model top
her the wet spot sucking her pre juice form her panties.
As I placed my hand on her belly I could feel child modelblondie model
it rising up and down,the more
I best sex model sucked the faster it moved.
"Nickie!Meg!,Time to get cleaned up for dinner."Her mom called out.
"Oh shit!"Meg groaned,as she started to get up.
"Pee for me first meg,let me drink it before you go."I begged.
"She never argued but brake model mmg1210
spread her legs as I knelt under her catching melissa model 14yo her warm
stream in my mouth,gulping till I had the last drops."You two better get in here!"Her mom yelled.
Nickie went out as Meg slipped her shorts back on.
"We're coming mom."Nickie said to shut her up.
"Meg,"I whispered,sneak out and come over after they go to bed,I'll leave my
window open"
"Ok,don't you go to sleep on me."She said,then kissed me and ran out of the
"Hey,what about me?"Nickie said.
"Fuck you."I said ,laughing,"Oh,how nice of you to ask."He said,laughing as
he ran to the panty fashion models house.It was ten thirty when I heard Meg hiss at my window and I helped her
"I was afraid you wouldn't make it."
"There undrage nude models
was no way I was going to miss this."She said,as she pressed me back
on the bed,that was when it dawned on me she was naked.
Her hands were pulling at my undershorts and I helped her remove then,then
we were even,we were both naked.She was all over me,her lips covering ever inch of my body till her mouth
settled over my cock,giving it a mouth bath.She was panting as she worked
her way back modele resiliation canal
up to my mouth.
"Finish what you started earlier."She said.
She never had to tell me twice as I went between her thighs,covering her
treasure with my hungry mouth,my tongue playing a tune inside ukrainian models tgp
her pink,wet
hole till I could stand it no longer,impaling with my boner.
"Oh Ronnie,your driving me crazy and I love it!"She moaned.
Her young ass was bucking up and down as I thrust time after time in and out
of her cunt.
When I bit down on her nipple she cried out,hunching her ass high in the air
as she climaxed causing me to unload deep inside of her.We lay in one anothers black model naked arms panting,both covered with sweat,kissing,still
swapping tongues.
I saw yuongmodels the hall light come larisa ls models on as he lit up the crack in the bottom of the
Quickly I pulled the cover over Meg's head just as the door opened.
"You ok in here pal?"My sandra model galleries
dad said,his eyes looking at the lump under the
cover beside me.
"Yeah dad,I'm ok,just a dream."I said,as I motioned for him to get the hell
out and he formed an "O" with his mouth and said,"Ok buddy just
checking,"then he winked and closed the door.
"Do you think he saw cute teen models me?"Meg 12 supermodel
"Naw,we're ok".I said,as I kissed her,dipping my tongue in her
mouth,searching around inside her cheeks.
She held my head tight as she shared her spit with me and I returned the
Setting up,I reach over switching on the lamp.
"Is that safe?'She said.
"Yeah,he won't be back."I lied,I knew dam well he would be back when he
thought I was about finished.Meg had slid down lingerie catalog model taking my dick in her mouth again as she lay between christina model serial my
I saw the door open and my dad peeked in again smiling.
I nodded and he stepped inside as I held Meg's head to my dick,I could see
her lovely butt cheeks protruding high above her waist as My dad stood
behind her naked,stroking his cock.
Going to his knees he quickly parted Meg's cheeks as he placed his mouth to
her rose bud,teasing it with his tongue."Uuummm?"Meg mumbled model railroading
with her mouth still full of my dick as I held her head
My turk teen models
dad must have been doing something right from the way she was moaning.
Raising up he worked his fingers inside her pussy the rubbed her juice over
his cock before mounting her and sliding his dick up her pussy,going in all
the way,then began hunching slowly.My child model webcam
dick erupted in her mouth and she sucked it up with gusto,not missing a
drop.When she was finished,I quitely left the room elite pain models as my dad continued to
fuck her doggie models teens russian style.
My mom was reading when I entered the bedroom.
"Well,your Clean shaved models dad must have made out ok then."She said,smiling.
"Like a bandit."I said,as I crawled up on the bed and between her legs.
Her arms wrapped around me as my dick slipped smoothly inside of her,I loved
laying on top of my mom, enjoying her body.
After I had come,she rewarded me with more of her golden nectar,then we fell
off to sleep,entangled in one anothers arms.Things were pretty quite for russian pedo model the next couple of weeks,the Reeds were out of
town and I never saw much of Ty,he had taken to hanging out at the park
restroom a lot,I suspected he had a lover ukrainian model girls
he meet with.
It was the middle of the week and I was really worked up,what with jenny grant model7yo model girl my folks
tied up with there jobs and the Reeds gone.
I don't know what brought it to mind but I found myself in front of Mickeys
house,it was really a nice place and I all most turned away when Mickey
called to me from an upstairs window."Don't go Ronnie.I'll be right down."
Going to the porch I waited by the door till he opned it and let me in.
"I all most missed you,I'm sure glad you came by,I'm setting with my baby
brother and it's really boring."
Taking my hand he led me up stairs to his room which he shared with his
brother who was on the bed sleeping, nursing a bottle.
"I really had fun that night spanish bikini model we were together,I've thought of you ever
since."he said,smiling."Yeah,I've thought a lot about you to Mickey."I said,as we sat down on teen model agllery the
"Did you like doing things with me?"He asked.
"Sure,I liked it a lot,you have a nice body Mickey,I enjoyed feeling of
you,you really felt nice."
"You can feel of lola model sex me now if you like,my folks won't be exploited teen models home for hours."
"What about the baby,we might wake him."
"Naw,he sleeps like a log."he said,as he removed his clothes and I done the
same,watching his cute little ass.He had a lovely little body,nice full
buttocks and just enough baby fat to make him sexy.He mever moved as I put my arms round him and found his lips with mine,my
tongue searching the inside of his mouth.
His hand found my dick and caressed it as I played with his little cock and
I loved squeezing the cheeks of his ass,teasing his star shaped hole.
As we parted he said,"Want me to pee art models girl for you Ronnie?"
"Yeah Mickey,I'd love that."I said as I knelt down before him and opened my
mouth below his little dick and he began pissing as and I drank every drop
of his sweet,warm piss.
"You really like that don't dark model lollitas
you Ronnie."He said,smiling down at me.
"Sure do babe,I love it when you do that for me.""Hey,want to see something oklahoma teen modeling cool?"
"Sure what?"I said.
"Watch."he said,then walked over beside the bed where his brother Tim lay on
his side sucking his bottle.He removed the bottle then held his dick close
to Tim's mouth as the little guy grasp it and pulling it to his mouth
nursing it like a pacifier.
"Boy you legal models
better not get caught doing that Mickey,your folks would really
bust your butt."I said,truely amazed at the sight."No they won't,my dad does it sometimes himself."He said,laughing.
"Get outta here."I said.
"He does,honest,I wouldn't lie to discipline model teaching you Ronnie."
"I know you wouldn't Mickey,I believe you."
"Would you like to do it,he never wakes up,well,all most never."He said
"I don't know if I should lingerie models galleries Mickey,I've bbwadult model searches
never done that before."
"Come on Ronnie,it feels good,honest."He said,pulling me over by the enterprise model starship
"Just put it in his hand and he'll take it."He said.I was a little leery but it did excite me watching Tim doing that.
Moving closer,I placed my cock in front of Tim when his brother moved
back,he was smacking his lips as he grabbed my dick pulling it to his mouth
sucking the head
A shock ran through heather teen model
me as I watched renee model teen him nurse my cock,Mickey was right,it
did feel awesome.
He had stood up on the bed with his arms around me kissing me again,letting
me suck his tounge.It was to much for me and before I could pull my cock away it erupted in
Tims mouth,I was surprised at the way he swallowed my cum as it fanfic model spewed
inside his mouth.
As I pulled my dick back,Mickey quickly replaced the nipple of the bottle in
Tims mouth.
"See,I told ya."He said,smiling.
We made love awhile then I lay him on his belly and went after that
pretty,puckered hole,rimming it,loving the taste of his insides.I ate hot teen supermodels his ass till my jaws began to ache then little models free guided my modelos preeten dick between his
cheeks bikini models thongs
sliding deep inside his clove canal,enjoying the warmth of his tight
little love hole,I wondered how many in the neighborhood had enjoyed this
little guy,I knew his dad had, several times more than likely.
It wasn't long before I was unloading a second time,feeling my cock jerk
inside his boy pussy.
As I lay with it inside his hole,letting it soak,I knew I was going russian pantyhose models to be
fucking this sweet meat a lot this summer,maybe even share him with Nickie
and Meg,I sure hated to leave but thought I had better before his folks came
home.The next Friday evening after dinner my dad and I talked while my mom
cleaned the kitchen.
"Did your mom tell you we were having some people in next week end?"
"No,who's coming?"
"The Reeds and the Workmans,I understand Tim has a crush on you."He
"Yeah,I guess he does."
"He pretty nice is he?"
"Yeah dad,you would avangard models ru like him,he has a really tight hole."I said,laughing,as
he sexs models threw a pillow at me."You really into the pee thing Ronnie?"
"Yeah,guess I'm just nn pink model a pee freak,I can't seem to aston diecast models
get enough of the stuff."I
"Tell you what,I'm going to a bar that has something I think you might just
enjoy,want to come with me?"
"Sure,I'd like that."I said.
They drove to a bar on the other side of town that was located in a
basement.It had the usual hawii bikini models
signs out front but was still kind of obscure from
most public.My dad seemed to be well known as he spoke to everyone before ordering a
beer and me a coke.
"So,this your boy Pat?"
"Yep,quite a looker isn't he."My dad said as he patted me on the back.
"Sure is,I wouldn't mind a little time in the sack with him that's for
sure."The bartender said,smiling.
"Better keep and eye on nude viet models
ole Joe here Ronnie,don't turn your back on him."Me
dad said,laughing.
"Anyone one in the room?My dad asked.
"Not just yet,kind of early,why?You gonna try it?""Naw,but Ronnie's into that sort of thing."
"Well take him on back,it's all urin."Joe said,throwing his head back
laughing again.
I hadn't noticed before but drawing nude models most everyone of the guys was drinking beer.
My dad led me back to a room then closed the door.There were hose running
from the ceiling attached to some kind of mask that looked like a gas
mask.Where the mouth should be was a funnel made into the mask."You sure you want to try this?"My dad asked.
"Try what?I don't even know littleangles models what these things are."I said.
"Take your park model trailers clothes of."He told me.
After I was naked he placed me in one of the little stalls with the hose and
mask and another which was shaped like a long dick on the end.
He placed the mask on my head,there was a mouth piece on the inside that fit
between my lips like one on scuba gear.
"See this valve,just turn it to on when you want to drink and when you have
had enough turn it off.The other one goes up your ass,you can controll it
the same way,you said you were a piss freak,let's just see if you are."He
said,smiling.Then it finally soaked in,I was about to get all the piss I wanted and just
the thought excited me.
After inserting the other asian cam models hose up my ass,up alexandra pressant model to the stopper,which was about
twelve inches,I turned both valves on then waited.
I never had to wait long before I heard someone enter above me and piss
began to flow into latina model teen
my mouth.I was shaking as I began swallowing,loving every
drop hmong model teens of it,then piss began to fill my ass till I was full and it began to
run down my legs.I'm not sure how long I was in there,when I wanted nude asian models to rest I just turned off
the one in my mouth but left the one up my ass on as the floor covered with
piss.When I had to drain myself I just let it go,pissing on i model pantyhose the concrete.
When I had enough,I shut them both off and removed them,there was a shower
at the other end of the room and I cleaned up.
Just as I was about to dress,Joe walked in smiling at lunar crater models
me as he locked the
door teen model nataralist and began to undress."Your dad tells me your fat lesbian models a hot piece,let's see if he knows what he's talking
about."He said,as he b2 bomber models walked toward me,cock in hand.It was no more than maybe
six or six and a half inches but what looked to be two and half inches
wide.There was what looked to be a megan model torrents soap nude models norwich dispencer on the wall, but when he
pushed the button KY came out.
I abercrombie male model
just stood there staring at him as he spun me around laying me over a
bench and mounted me.No forplay,no kissing and all that stuff,just a hard
and wild fuck,I was sure he was going to rip my ass.
My dad asked how I liked it and I told him it was one awesome joint,but I
never went back.The next week end, the party started on Friday evening.My dad had all ready
enformed me that it would a nude week end,no clothes what so ever.
He had me to make sure all the drapes were pulled tight,he didn't want filipino bikini models any
peeking eyes.
The Reeds arrived first,undressing in the bedroom off the hall way,the sight
of Mr Reeds dick brought back memories,I could feel it up my ass from the
time before.
Meg never looked lovelier nor did Nickie,his body was every bit as lovely as
his sisters elia teen model and he was every bit as pretty also.
Tracy looked very appetitizing with his cute litle ass and chubby little
thighs.The Workmans arrived soon after,Mrs Workman,"Nora",was something to feast
your eyes on for sure with nice curves and jutting buttocks,just begging to
be kissed,and Mr Workmans cock would make amateur models a guys, or gals,mouth water,I
noticed he really had eyes for my mom,but soon had returned to my dad.
My mom had the best ass in the whole room though,barring none,it was all I
could do to keep my hands off her buns,or my tongue either for cp model toplist that matter.
Later,after they had all had a few drinks,the men strayed off to the guest
bed room as the women made there way to the master bed room,us boys headed
for the rec room.Nickie and I went to work on both Mickey and Tracy,both had tasty ass holes
that were begging to be ate and plugged.
Nickie was not into the piss thing so I drank from both of them as well as
While I ate Mickeys sweet ass I thought about Tim nursing models pree t my dick before and
a shudder ran all through me.The fact that he was in my bed room asleep
really made me horny.
As I held Mickey making love to him,Tracy took my dick in his mouth sucking
like he was a pro,but then,maybe he was.
Nickie was eating his brothers ass while this was going on.Finally the two headed for the bed room where the men were, leaving Mickey
and I alone.
I loved kissing this little guy,he had such hot,soft lips and a sweet little
tongue.I kept teasing his love hole as I made love to him getting hotter all
the time.
"I have to pee again Ronnie,"he whispered in my ear and I had him set on my
chest facing me as he held his little dick over my open Lingerie glamor models
mouth,his stream
making a little arc 15y o teenmodel just before it began to fill me.
When he had finished I turned him around,lowering his ass to my mouth and
began to rim him,burying my macy kid model tongue inside his cavity.It wasn't long before I was filling his sweet little ass with my
dick,kissing his neck and tonguing his ears as indian model pussy
I slid my hands under his
shoulders,pulling back each time I rammed up his tight little ass.
I was really into it when the door opened and his mom walked in.
Smiling,she said,"Tim,your dad wants you."
Removing my cock I let him upnad kris jacob model
he obedienly left the room.
"My,you do have a problem there don't you."Nora said,as she knelt,taking russian childs model my
dick in her mouth.
She skillfully sucked till my meat was cleaner natural models than if it had been washed."Your mom tells me you really like drinking import models sexy pee,is that right?"
"If my mom said it ,it's right."I said smiling.
"Well let's see if you like mine."She said.
She cupped the back of my head pressing her pussy to my mouth.I could taste
joy juice mixed with cum just before her warm pee began filling my mouth.
She really must have had to pee bad from the amount that gushed from her
When she had finished,she lifted me up then knelt taking my dick in her
mouth,it took a few minutes but xxx child modeling my flow soon was filling her pretty mouth,it
really twistys models excited me watching her drink from my hose.She then lay on the side of the bed,her lovely ass before my eyes and I
quickly parted her cheeks and model shrine girls dove in,chowing down.
I was really into sucking her tasty ass when my dad,Mr Workman and my mom
came in.
Mickey's dad lost no time in mounting my mom as my dad offered Nora his cock
and she took him in willingly.
Meg had slid under my mom's face,her pussy against her motuh as Mr petite blonde models
pumped my mom full of dick.Someone else had came in and I felt hands on my ass just before the head of
a cock spread my hole open and slid in.
Nickie had stepped over beside Meg as she took his cock in her mouth
Mickey and Mr Reed were at the love seat with Mr Reeds cock buried up his
Tracy had crawled up on the bed offering his sweet little ass to my dad,who
quickly had his tongue up his hole as Nora continued working on his cock.Everytime someone would come or climax they would moan,exciting me to no end
till I plugged Nora's ass with my throbbing cock,fucking background model sexy
like mad till I
shot my wad up her shit chute.
My dad had shot his in her mouth and she had cleaned him off as I sucked on
her sweet ass,trying to get some of my cum.
When everyone was exhusted,my dad led me to the bathroom,telling the others
to follow,then had me set down in the tub.
"Ok everyone,my son dearly loves piss so let's all give him some."He
said,laughing.The men all stood around me in the tub pissing over my head,when they were
finished the women took turns pissing in my mouth till I thought my belly
would 420 models
The next two days was a repeat of the first,I think I had ate everyone's
ass,pussy,or had been eaten by all, as well as drank gallons of piss.
Needless to say we were all wore out by sunday night and the party broke up.
From then on there was a new family every month,I found it hard to believe I
was geeting all this great sex....
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