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From: BillMo
Subject: Marine Booty Chapter 4Marine Booty -- Chapter 4 -- M.P. Sean KellyNote to readers: this preteen nastia is the last of the prequel; chapter 5 will take up
story after chapter one left off
Part One elwebbs preteen portal
of my plan had worked out well. As I had suspected Sgt. Art Smith
took to the bottom quickly and he turned out to be a fantastic fuck. preteens inlegal He and
Col. Taylor would make good fuck buds but they both needed a preteen boys cumshots real top to
fuck them after my job here was over.Sgt. Kelly had a map of Ireland on his face and his red hair promised to
not end when you got his preteen kds video clothes off. He was very preteen xxs 30 years old and stood at
6’6” and carried 230 lbs on his fine body. teen seduce preteen Like most Military Policemen
he was physically large with hands like hams and thighs that if wrapped
around your head could do damage. Smith told me he was a total top but had
trouble finding takers on the marine base.Like myself he was cocksure and just assumed most men wanted him. I decided
on a direct attack. He was clearing the work site and I lingered to be
last. I told him that I wanted to talk to him seriously and that it would
be to his advantage and I would be buying the beer.He met me in Maple Hill and we took a seat in the back with a couple of
pitchers of beer. I told him straight out. I had two marines preteen nude toplists
he could fuck
all he wanted never having to worry about looking for pussy and where to
have sex. He too had noticed that the Colonel treated me with such respect
which was unusual. He also noticed how Sgt. Smith could not keep his eyes
off my dick. So, it came as no surprise to him, when I informed him that
they were both my pussy boys and if he played his cards right he could move
right in. However, it was going to cost him big time.What will be the cost, preteen model nude
he asked. I want your ass tonight at least a couple
of times. He laughed and said that he was a top. Well, preteen supermodel bbs I said, for tonight
you are going to turn over and let me into that cunt of yours. He was
confused as he had preteen blogs nude never been talked to that way before. He was used to
being the boss and it was strange for him.I took out my whopper (no one else could preteens nasty
see) and let it lie on my left
thigh. I don’t think he private preteen images
ever had seen a man that was bigger than him and
had a larger cock as well. You expect tgp preteen underwear
me to take that he said? Yep, just
like you expect your johns to take yours preteen hot sex I am going ram this up that ass
and you are going to take it like clothed preteen video
a marine.He clearly did not want this but the idea that he could have the Colonel
and the Sgt. on base ready to take his dick was a strong inducement. Almost
without thinking he moved his left hand onto my cock. I pre teenrussian nude knew instantly that
I had him. He had thought it over and he had not ruled it out. I would just
have to play him.He looked so masculine in his civilian clothes. Great tuffs of red hair
came out of his chest and his hair arms and legs made him such an
attractive target. He was to be my fourth marine and it would become a life
long challenge to fuck as many marines as possible.He came out to my truck for the ride to the motel. He was still a bit
reluctant. It was only a short ride to the motel but preteen masha pics I pulled over in a
well used truck stop and parked in the back. I took out a bottle of whiskey
and he took a big gulp but I could sense he was beginning to think he was
not going models super preteens
to go through with it. I told him to climb in the back. Why, he
asked me and I told him that preteenz directory post he needed an attitude adjustment and he needed
it now. The back area of my truck was large but we were going to use just a
small part of it. I told him to get down on his knees in front of my
bed. You could see him thinking hard about this. I repeated the order
louder and yelled right in his marine face. He got down on his knees as I
sat on the side of the bed and took my horse cock out.Suck my cock Sarge, a good preteen nonude glam load of cum down your throat ought to change
your attitude quickly. I pulled his head towards my prick and he did not
resist. I told him to open his mouth. asian preteen gay
My dick was already leading pre-cum
and I told erotic russian preteen him not a drop was to be missed. With a sigh he moved his tongue
and licked up my sweet sauce.Open up cocksucker and I slid my 9 x 5 into his mouth. Second order marine,
don’t touch my dick with preteen crotch model your teeth so open up wide. He gurgled as only
about 4 inches went down his throat. My cock continued to spew pre-cum and
the taste and smell of cum of my jism began to turn the big man preteens lil panties on. Keep
working on it virgin little preteen bitch you are doing a good job for a rookie cocksucker. I
pushed more and more of my huge member into his mouth. He would gag and pretty preteen pussies I
would back off for an instant before preteen top kids
thrusting even more meat back in.Breathe through your nose and fight the gag reflex Kelly. You are going to
learn to deep throat this night as well. He was sucking and licking on my
steel rod and I used my hands to urge even more preteengirls and more of my throbbing
member. He had a moment when my preteen modesl sexy
dick hit the back of his throat but I did
not allow him to come preteen russian clit
off of it and he finally composed himself as he felt
my big balls up against his lips. He was beginning to get preteen nn bikinis
the hang of it as
his Adam’s apple moved with each slurp of my dick. He finally found the
right angle to take my monster. I pulled out completely and a length of
saliva still connected my cock to his mouth. He almost preteen model mpegs protested before I
rammed to back home all the way down.He had my dick deep throat and I congratulated him on his
accomplishment. That’s pre teengirls underware
it bitch, you got it all. Now you have to lick and
suck it and I promise you a huge reward. He had done more in a few minutes
than some cocksuckers ever do with my big rod. Like the marine he was, he
was doing a job that some never learned how to do. I could tell he liked
the taste of my white preteen world incest
cream and that drove him on to a large effort. He was
sucking now as if he really wanted cock. I was keeping my cool as I did not
want to cum too soon short skirts preteen
but preteen virgin russian on the other hand I could not wait to get him in
the bed to break his pussy cherry.For the first time in his life Kelly he felt a man’s balls tighten as my
cock preteen pedo topedu was engorged just prior to shooting. He did not need me to tell him
that I was about to shoot a load down his throat. Ok, cocksucker, models japanese preteen here it
cums and I preteen porn thumbnails don’t want you to spill a drop. My first explosion went past special preteen photos his
throat and straight into his belly and I am sure he did not get a good
taste. I pull out about 5” so that my second and third load went into
his mouth first. He got a real good taste of my sticky cum and he was
surprised because he liked it. I pulled all the way out and used my still
erupting prick as a preteen pussies
hose and covered his face and hair. He looked so sexy
with my cum hanging preteens feet fetish down from his face.I pulled out and told him to get back in front. He went to wipe up the cum
on his face but I held forbidden preteen cp his hands and preteen fuck clips told him to let it dry on him. You are
going to get a lot of cum tonight Sean. He grumbled but did as he was
told. You got to love a Marine -- they took order so well.We road to the motel in silence. He seemed resigned to what was going to
happen. We hopped out of the truck and went to the motel room door. I let
him in first and grabbed a handful of his great ass. preteen sister stories He asked if he could
just suck me off more. I told him, would you allow your trick to get away
without taking his virgin cunt? He knew the answer naked mixed preteen and went in the room. I
told him to get out of his clothes and I did the same. I decided against
the sling and told him to get into the bed when he was naked. I followed
and kissed him fully on the mouth. I could taste my own cum as we did. I
had my lube which had the anesthetic in it. This would allow him to get
over the pain of having his ass broken in much easier. While we kissed I
opened the lube and my finger went to his pink pussy hole. His preteen home tgp
stiffened as my finger found his virgin hole. Sean, I said, you know very
well that if you keep your ass tight this is going to hurt more. Now I
don’t care -- you can take it hard or take it relaxed -- one way or another
your days of a virgin are about to end. My semen is going to swim in that
marvelous ass.I told him to turnover preteens getting naked on his stomach and went to work on his bottom. I
used a lot of lube and made sure that I hit his prostrate often. He grunted
in pain but he also reacted strongly when I hit his love button. It was
amazing how easily this stud had rolled over. He was doing anything I asked
of him with no questions.He got used to one finger so I added a second. I kept preteen nonnued talking dirty to him
and told him that preteen uncensored collection
he would always remember my cock. It was standing
straight up again but I was taking my time. When I shoved my third finger
up his ass he could hardly lay still. He was sweating and jerking about as
my fingers lubed his ass and I was pinching his prostate and he was turned
on like an electric light. His ring was being battered and his crack was
opening from my ministrations.Ok, Sarge, turn over on your back. I am going to fuck you face to face as I
want to see you when my giant cock gives you a collection preteen
butt fuck to remember. amy preteen model I had
him put his legs in the air and I took them over my shoulders and spread
his virgin hole wide. I played with his knackers and told him exactly what
is going to happen.My donkey dick is going to give thai preteen galleries
preteen pic bathing you the ride of a lifetime. His pink hole
was covered with lube. You are as ready as you ever will be bud, here comes
the sword right up that beautiful ass.With that, I moved my dick preteens panty pics
had up against his ass. He instinctively tried
to hold it out but I gave him no chance. With one huge thrust I got half of
my huge willy straight up his ass. I stopped and gave him time to adjust to
it. He was whimpering as hot preteens photos he felt my big rod taking his cherry. He finally
relaxed and another 3 inches rode up his backside. Again I gave him some
time but now I was turned on big time and before he could recover I slammed
all of my cock deep into his ass, He could feel my big balls and dick preteen hentai free hair
on his ass as preteen nudie
he was well and truly fucked. Got you, big boy, you have lost
you virgin cunt forever. With my dick deep inside his ass I leaned over pthc preteen dorki and
kissed story preteen sex him. He returned the kiss and he relaxed. I began to take my cock
out and he yelled -- preteen soft girls
oh god -- as my outstroke brought to him unexpected
pleasure. I put it all back in again and began a steady in and out. I am
going to fuck the shit our of you man and when I am done your going to keep
all my little babies swimming in your ass.His was moaning got louder and sex underage preteens his breathing went faster. The lube and the
amount of pre-cum were making it easier on his ass. I moved my hips faster
and faster. I had taken his cherry pussy and I savored the feeling of my
big balls pressed against his ass with my whopper buried in his hole. My
length and my width were opening his asshole and my length of strokes
increased as I was now fucking him for all he was worth.He was now screaming like the bitch I had preteeny video galleryteenie world preteen made out of him. He had an
incredible tight butt and without knowing it he squeezed his buns to
increase the pleasure I took in this fuck. Like a illegal preteen underage piston my 9 large was
giving this boy the fucking of a lifetime. All resistance was over and nn preteen pantyhode
took virgin preteens model it preteen pussy forum like a marine.I bet he did not even notice when he began to fuck back at my cock. He
wanted all of it deep and deeper. He would remain a top but I had opened a
new factor into his sex life and I was quite sure that he would need a dick
up his ass now and again.I was taking my time but I could feel my cock getting bigger and my nuts
boiling over. He knew what was going to happen and I slowed down shameless preteen pics
as I knew
he would blow his own load and I wanted him to do that first. I am cumming;
I am fucking cumming as a rocket of his cum shot into the sky. It came back
down covering his chest, face and hair. He did not stop with one blast and
I slowed down my fucking to keep him going. A second and a third and a
fourth load came to earth. The room now smelt of raw sexual men, sweat and
cum.No under any circumstances taking a man’s cherry is special. When that man
is a fucking hulk of a Marine MP and a top as well it just increases the
pleasure and expectations. He was crying out fucking hell that was the best
cum of my life when my balls could take petit preteen models now more. My nut underage preteens models sack wanted to
flood this man and plant my seed deep in his body. The first pulse photos preteen free ran up
my dick illegal preteen hardcore and into his cunt. I kept fucking him as my purely indian model preteen white cum began
to fill preteen school nude
his ass. He pushed his fucked ass back at my knob as I filled him
up. I don’t know how many times my pre teen board3 dick expelled cum into his pussy. He got
more in that one fuck than some bottoms get in a month of fucking. Every
time my dick pulsated more and young slut preteen
more jism ran out of my prick and up his
pussy. He took it like a good bitch and was screaming as I shot preteen thumbs nn into his
wonderful ass. As my cum slowed down I told him that my sperm is swimming
in your guts. I am part of you now fucker preteen porn films
that slimy feeling inside you is
me. I told him to close his ass tight and keep my seed inside him innocent cute preteen
and then
I pulled out.My dick came out with a plop and I told him to roll over on his side. I got
behind him and plugged him again with my now half hard dick. I want to nude preteen kiss keep
my boys inside you Sean. preteens models youngs We feel asleep preteen pussy cp exhausted with my dick up his no
well used hole.I woke up about 3 hours early with my dick still up his cunt. uncircumcised preteens
He was
snoring but I was horny again and I slowly began to move my dick in his
ass. candid preteen cheerleaders My cock responded and began to grow and fill his hole. He was welled
lubed with my cum and I easily began to slid in and out of him again.He awoke nn video preteen and realized by dong was once again taking his cunt. He said that
his ass was sore but I just kept fucking and said to him -- Sean did you
ever stop the second fuck because the guy you had creamed was sore? He said
no more and began to go with the fuck. The pressure on his prostate gland
was bringing him petite tit preteen sexual tension again. I reached over and felt for his big
cock which was not hard once again. preteen underage girlies
He groaned as I sped up my
thrusting. He came first again and soon I was firing into his well used
cunt once preteen magazine pornography again.After a morning shower he was once again a proud marine and I my horny preteen drove him
back to the camp. I had one more twist for him. He groaned when I moved
into a truck stop and parked between two rigs. Two preteen toplist hardcore truckers sat panties open preteens in their
driver’s seat. They did not pay any attention at first. Ok Sarge, one more
blow job for preteen porno analsex the road and make sure you swallow it all you don’t want to
mess up your uniform.He started to move to the back of the truck but I stopped him and said no,
Sean as I took my penis out of my pants. He saw the truckers and knew that
they would get an eyeful. He went down on my joy stick and began to suck me
off. His head popped up and down and both the other drivers could see it
and knew what was happening. I said loud enough for both of preteen search tgp them to hear
that he was virgin one day ago and I am taking him back to his base
properly fucked and with one more load.I warned Sean that he would need to stay deep when I preteen forum model exploded so that he
could take all of my cream without getting a drop on his uniform. His
muffled yes was final confirmation that he had surrendered. His was my
bitch and he knew it and he did a good job of preteen boys incest giving me preteen putas desnudas
a bj. When my preteen havingsex
gushed he took it all and I complimented him on his sucking and let him
come up enough but he still had to lick my cock clean. The trucker to my
left white preteens
asked if he could get some of the action. However, I told him I got to
get this marine back to work.
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