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Pretty kid model Ary latina model

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Related post: Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2008 08:46:40 +0100
From: A.K.
Subject: Manush 08/12 (Interracial - beginnings)----------------------------MANUSH
by Andrej Koymasky (C) 2008
written on November 19, 1993
translated by the author
English text kindly revised by acam-----------------------------USUAL DISCLAIMER"MANUSH" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of
sex between males. So, bondagehiremodel
if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so
on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this oriental model story.
But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think
you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.-----------------------------CHAPTER 8 - Jojo's liberationThe results backstage model
of the vote were as expected: six red stones.They struck camp, separated the two caravans and hitched them to their
cars. They set off and stopped not far from Catania near the Simeto
river where they decide to camp. There were no other groups camping
there. And so they could celebrate their rites in solitude as the rite
required them to do.At night they lit a bonfire and gathered near it. Zanko traced on the
ground the square and Marko led Fadil inside mona model
it. Fadil had his eyes shut
and was keenly looking forward to the ceremony. While the others were
singing Zanko poured the three dashes of brandy inside the square and
added the three petite model nudist bits of bread. beauty little boymodels He then led Fadil towards the fire and
traced the circle around him with the pointed stick and bikini model pages poured the
charcoal powder in the groove while singing the incantations. Fadil was
lying on the ground in the foetal position.Then everybody called aloud for Patrizio who approached the circle and
took the red scarf from round his neck and put it on Fadil. Then
Patrizio lifted him up bodily while Marko put a piece of gold inside the
circle. Patrizio carried Fadil inside the caravan and put him onto the
bed. While outside the others were celebrating with music songs and
dances Patrizio undressed Fadil and made him lie on his side, again in a
foetal position according to the rite. This was the first time they were
celebrating the complete rite in its entirety. He then undressed lay
behind Fadil and pushed his hard prick into Fadil's anus."This is how you will become my rika kid model son Fadil; you will soon have my seed
inside you." He said starting to fuck him with determination.Fadil's eyes were still shut and he was enjoying that agreeable part of
the rite.Patrizio pumped inside him for a good while carefully and regularly
caressing Fadil all over - everywhere but his prick as the ceremony
required until he unloaded. Then Fadil opened his eyes and stretched.
When Patrizio had poured the last drop of his seed inside Fadil's arse
he pulled out and made Fadil turn towards him and took his face between
his hands."Now I will give you breath." Patrizio said and kissed him deeply and
for a long time."I've generated you with my seed I've given you life with my mouth and
so now you are really my son and so you now are Fadil of the Rogasi.""Yes father." Fadil seriously answered and bent down and kissed
Patrizio's member.They then dressed. Fadil wore new never previously worn clothes and the
red scarf at his neck. Patrizio holding his hand took him outside and
introduced to him all the others."This is Zanko the chief of all of us and your grand-father. These are
Mateo and Marko your uncles. This is your first cousin Tomaso and this
is Dule your second cousin. And I introduce Fadil my son and your new
grand-child nephew and cousin!"Then they held a party to celebrate his initiation until late that
night.The next day Dule worked the piece of gold into a ring for Fadil. That
evening they held second part of the celebration and Fadil gave back the
red scarf architecture model materials to Zanko and swore obedience to him and was given his gold
ring. Then they all ate drank and celebrated all the night long.Fadil in addition to playing the violin with Zanko in their shows,
increased their repertoire with the music he knew and showed himself to
be a wonderful dancer. He also started to learn train to balance on the
high wire.They slowly travelled northwards continuing their performances and
earning good money both from the shows and from the sale of gold and of
embossed copper artworks and wooden objects carved by Mateo. Fadil also
turned out to be a skilled woodcarver with a fantastic imagination.It was nearly the end of winter when they camped near a group of Lovaro
not far from Naples. The Lovaro were fierari and while the older members
were forging teen models sweet
iron objects according to their tradition the younger ones
worked as mechanics. The fierari had very beautiful songs that were
accompanied with the zimbalon alone. They were ancient songs with
cadences that fascinated Fadil who wanted to learn them.The petit little models Lovaro were very hospitable and there were many of them. They always
invited the Rogasi to be their guests at their celebrations or just for
evenings around the fire. Very soon the Rogasi started to spend all
their free time with them eating their meals with one or another of the
Lovaro families and going back to their caravans only at night.The fierari were strong proud and likeable people. The only exception
seemed to be a boy called Jojo who was not yet eighteen years old but
looked even younger. He was shabby, ill dressed and taciturn. He had big
fawn eyes and a mane of black unruly hair falling over his forehead. He
was very helpful and came at once whenever someone called him. "Jojo,
come here... Jojo, go there..."He had a sad expression and seldom smiled except fleetingly. Yet though
he seemed to be ignored by the old people the younger folk used his
services often. He was always on the go doing something for someone or
other. "Jojo, come to fetch water with me...". nn online models "Jojo, come to chop
firewood..." "Jojo, give me a hand with this..."Another peculiar thing about Jojo was that he didn't seem to have a
family - he ate now with one now with another pretty kid model family and at night he
slept in asian bikinimodels the caravan of an old man he called grandpa but he never ate
with him.It was Marko who became aware of all this and because he was curious
started to keep an eye on him. And Then noticed that sexy bikini model
when it was a young
man asking for help it was almost always after dark in a secluded or
dark place... This made him suspicious and gave him an inkling about
what might be going on though it seemed almost incredible. He also
noticed that when one of the young men called him, all he had to say was
"Jojo, come..." and the boy stopped whatever he was doing and answered
"I'm coming" even before hearing what he was being called for and went
off towards the one who called him.The last thing that made Marko suspect he had guessed right was when he
noticed that if the person calling Jojo was one of the unmarried youths
other young men might smile knowingly...So one evening as he happened to walk past Jojo who gay cock model was alone by one of
the fires playing fivestones. Mateo just said "Jojo, come help me to
find something..." and heard the usual answer "I'm coming". Mateo
quickly walked to a dark secluded place between the bushes and young russian models the
trees.When he stopped there Jojo at once undid his old worn out trousers and
lowered them bent over put his hands against a three trunk and offered
Mateo his bare arse. Then Jojo said quietly "I didn't think they would
tell you Rogasi as well..."Marko felt aroused by the attractive view but didn't open his fly. Jojo
turned his head to look at him and then said "I see I have to take it
out for you..." nn junior models and immediately went to undo Marko's fly."No..." Marko said trying to step back "wait..." but his pole was
already out in Jojo's hand and was rapidly hardening."Well are you going to fuck me or not?" Jojo asked wearily."Wait a bit... I want to talk to you first..." Marko said trying to
control his desire, which had truly been awakened by the peculiar
situation."This isn't the sort of place to have a chat. It's just for fucking.
Didn't they tell you? Ah... surely it must have been Horia who told you
about me wasn't it? So do you want what he usually little models boys wants from me... You
only have to tell me..." the boy said and quickly knelt before Marko and
started to suck him with a will.Marko would have liked to stop him but it was too late - he liked it too
much. Jojo was moving his head like a calf having its feed while
masturbating himself. Marko was looking at that shadow 14yo topless model crouching before
him and at his pole now hard as steel, appearing and disappearing
between the tight lips and pressed between the moving tongue and the
palate and started to shudder with intense pleasure. The boy was teen tits models really
skilled!"I'm... coming..." he muttered to warn him in case teen panty model he preferred to pull
out but the boy accelerated his rhythm and sucked with even more energy
while Marko unloaded in his warm wet mouth and trembled with the
intensity of the orgasm. Jojo conscientiously drank it all to the last
drop. Then he stopped with Marko's rod still in his mouth and went on to
masturbate himself until he too spurted his seed on the ground. Then
Jojo stood up and tidied his trousers bikini models kids while also Marko was tidying
himself."Did Horia tell ass models naked
your other friends too?" Jojo asked."No... But listen. I want to talk to you...""What about?""Do you have time now?""Yes..." the boy asked hesitantly wondering what Mateo could still want
from him."How ary latina model old are you, Jojo?""Seventeen - almost eighteen. Why?""And... how long have you been doing... this for the others?""What business is it of yours? Didn't I please you?""Yes you're really skilled but... how long have you been doing this?""Five years...""You were just twelve when you started?""You seem to be really good at arithmetic..." Jojo said sarcastically."And... how did it all start?""Well... just so... With my cousins of the same age ... You know we
began just touching each other... Then I don't remember who taught us to
make our little brothers dance... At first we did it somewhere in hiding
but each by himself. The most we did together was seeing who could shoot
furthest...""Yes we did that too..." Marko smiled. "And then?""Then bikini models contributors
we found it was more fun doing it to each other. Feeling someone
else's hand there was better than doing it by lsg models oneself. Then we started
rubbing our bellies against each other... our description of that was
our little brothers were playing between them... it was good. Then one
of us thought of putting it between the buttocks of another and sliding
it up and down... and that was even better than before ... and when I
was thirteen five or six of us did it until we came... We called it
making little brother climb. But then I realised that the others had
stopped doing it with each other and that everybody wanted to do it with
me... And I liked it and was feeling important."But once... when there were four of us... they must have planned it
beforehand... I felt Hanid when he was lying on top of me, instead of
sliding it up and down my crack spread my buttocks wide and put his
prick against my hole and rubbed it there... At first I liked the
feeling and let him do it. Then Hanid lifted my buttocks and held my
waist tight and gave a strong push models top 100 down. I yelled and asked him to stop
and tried to wriggle away but the other two stopped me one holding my
legs and the premodels no nude other my arms. They held me still while Hanid was pushing
like mad... young boy model until he thrust inside me although I was trying to squeeze
my arse tight to keep him out..."As I realised it was useless to rebel I let myself go and relaxed and
discovered that the pain was lessening and that on the contrary a new
feeling was replacing it a good feeling. It was like a thousand itches
all over my body and warmth inside... And the pleasure was even greater
when I started to make my little brother dance too and it was now so
very hard and russian 18 models brushing against the grass... And the pleasure was
increasing while Hanid was going on fucking me and when I felt Hanid
come inside me, I too came fiercely."When Hanid let me go I told him it had been great and that I now wanted
to do that to one of them. But they burst out laughing and told me that
they were real men and that a man would never take it in his arse but
only fuck other people's arses. I then said that I was a man like them.
But again they laughed aloud and said no I was just a half-woman because
I had said I had enjoyed being fucked in the arse. And they also told me
they intended to fuck me in the arse whenever they wanted as long as
they couldn't have a real woman."I was furious and told them I would never let them fuck me beauty nude model
again. Then
Hanid said to the others - let's show him who's the boss round here
boys! And they jumped on me and held me down on the grass again and the
other two boys fucked me in the arse. And I realised that as my arse was
already slippery it was less painful and was also good. And besides my
rage at being powerless in their hands I also liked feeling it inside
me...""At supermodels celebrities first I had only these three to please. They always came to look gegg child models for
me together... but they soon spread the word and other boys came... and
I stopped saying no. But then when I was fifteen the knowledge was so
widespread that my father came modells nn to know... and he banished me from his
caravan... stacy bikini model and also the girls began mocking me... Then the old Jonel 30hh model who
was just widowed and alone took me into his caravan because he too
wanted child model biography to make use of my arse from time to time... but russian supermodels naked at least I had a
home again."And then boys younger than me started to call me to get their rocks off
and I had to go or else they gathered in a mob and thrashed me... And
some even after marrying... some go on calling me at times like Horia
who likes getting blow jobs but his wife childmodel imgboardmodels wals refuses to blow him because she
says it's a sin...""But why don't you rebel? Do you like so much being used so?""I like it yes... but just with a few not with everybody. But if I said
no they would thrash me and beside that who would feed me? Or give me
old clothes to wear? Or a place to sleep? What can Jojo do alone?""But wouldn't you little models erotic like to models polan
change your life?""And how!?""Wouldn't you like to live with people that respected you and do it only
with people you like? And wouldn't you like to be able to put your
little brother in someone's arse or mouth if you both like doing that?""Well, yes. Of course! But how?"Marko didn't answer him but said "If I kiddy modeling gallery call you again will you come with
me?""Sure. You are not as bad as the others... You are rather a handsome boy
and I like you.""Then we will meet again Jojo.""Alright." The boy answered and went back to the camp.As soon as he was alone with the others Marko told them Jojo's story.
They all were really upset especially Zanko."Well who knows how many other Jojos there are in other groups! It's
forbidden but they do it at the expense of those like Jojo or also like
Fadil. But Fadil was luckier as he had only two people to please...""And I could say no too..." Fadil pointed out to them."You have to tell him to come with us. Why haven't you told him
already?" Patrizio asked."Because in my opinion Jojo must first fully understand that things
would be different with us. That he would a different life. That he
isn't a half woman but a man and a manush too! Therefore I intend to do
it again with him but in my way; he and I alone comfortable and safe
here in teen models pix the caravan. When he comes to understand what making love freely
means instead of being used then I will suggest that he joins us. I
think he would not even ask his people for permission in amateur models young the end." Marko
said with mom models determination.The prteen models art next day Marko was about to call Jojo on two occasions but was
pipped at the post by two other youths of the Lovara so he had to give
up for the time being. But the following morning he left his caravan
early and immediately started to wander about in the Lovara child model pics
camp hoping
to meet Jojo. As soon as he saw katya nude model the boy coming out from the old Jonel's
caravan he called him. Jojo looked surprised maybe it was because it was
so early but at once followed him. Marko took him back to their
caravans. All the friends were already outside working. Marko led the
boy inside.Jojo looked around with eyes wide. "I've never seen such beautiful
caravans all carved and painted so nicely...""Do you like them?""Yes very larisa ls models much. And then the way you connect them together... it's a
work of genius!""Come on I'll show you all of it..." Marko said and took him in the
kitchen then into Dule's workplace then to the bathroom (Jojo found it
totally amazing) and finally showed him one of the two beds."Do you feel like making love with amature model teen me Jojo?" he asked."Alright.""No I asked you if you feel like doing it...""Why not...""If you tell me you would rather not I would abide by that. It would be
fine by me. We would just go outside again..."Jojo rorikon picture model looked at him somewhat unbelieving and said "Yes after all I don't
owe you anything... But you... you're teen modeling hardemann
so kind to me and so maybe...""But do you really want to do it with me?""Yes come on... Where should we do it? Here?"Marko pulled down the bed.Jojo smiled "That's clever! And it is a nice wide one." He said, and
started to undress.Marko undressed too and got onto the bed. Jojo followed him and at once
bent down to take care of Marko's prick, which was still soft. rich models young But Marko
stopped him."No wait.""Ah I see. This time you want to fuck me in the arse?" Jojo said.Marko smiled "Lie down and be quiet. No not on your belly."Jojo turned on his back international teens models
and looked at him with a frown. He didn't
understand. Marko felt a great sense of tenderness for him. He was so
helpless and sweet natured. He started to caress him all over. He was
gentle at first but gradually grew more intimate and erotic and soon
Jojo was fully aroused. His prick was hard and pointing upwards like a
pole.Jojo was looking at him with his big eyes wide ... "But... what do you
want me to do?" he asked dumbfounded."Nothing for the moment. Be quiet and enjoy it...""I don't understand...""There is nothing to understand. You have just to enjoy it.""I?""Yes you.""Can I... make it dance?""No just relax and let me do this." Marko said and went on fondling and
caressing him.Then he started to move his lips and tongue up and down Jojo's body
kissing, licking, suckling or gently biting him. His mouth lingered
above all on his nipples and on other sensitive places. Jojo shuddered
with pleasure and his breath got ragged, as he grew more excited. And
his big fawn eyes deep as wells grew wider and wider. Going on to caress
and tease him skilfully Marko reached the boy's nice erect pole with his
tongue and licked it up and down and all around. He then peeled its
foreskin down and licked its tip. Jojo jumped as if he had been given an
electric shock."Oh good lord... what are you doing to me?" he panted."Hush..." Marko murmured and licked and sucked his balls and then went
back to the rod and to the glans. And at last he slipped the whole thing
into his mouth and moved his head slowly up and down squeezing around it
with his lips while he caressed his body and brushed his nipples with
his hands."Oh good lord... oh good lord..." Jojo was moaning taut as a bowstring
gripping the sheet with his fingers and hot models latina twitching. He began to tremble
with his whole body rigid from his neck to his heels and his toes were
curled up.When Marko felt that tension was getting too fierce he stopped before
Jojo could reach orgasm. He caressed him very gently and moved upwards
to lick and suck his lips gently. Then he kissed him deeply playing with
his tongue against Jojo's and stroking his face. Then Jojo ls model 41
caressed Marko's face too. And Marko lifted his lips off Jojo's mouth
and looked into his eyes and smiled at him.Jojo then asked in a soft murmur, "Why? Why are you doing this to me?"Because this is making love... and I want to make love to you not just
to have a fuck.""But why?" Jojo asked again. His voice was hoarse."Because you are a sweet and beautiful boy. Because I like you."From Jojo's eyes flowed burning tears that ran slowly down his cheeks.
Marko understood they were tears of uncontrollable emotion and gently
dried them without saying a word. He just smiled. Then Marko resumed the
journey as before starting from Jojo's nipples and ending at his hard
prick that he sucked again until he had Jojo's body as tense as a spring
ready to go off. He then again stopped and tenderly caressed him."I would like you to penetrate me now..." Marko told him with a smile."I... I take you?""Yes... Wouldn't you like to do that?""Yes... but...""I really want to feel this nice pole inside me..." Marko said and
spreading some jelly on his anus lay on his belly at Jojo's side. Then
he turned his head to look at him "Please Jojo... do it...""I've to... fuck you?""Yes if you want to.""I would like... yes... but...""Well then no 'buts' go on. Take me.""I can hawii bikini models take you?""Yes..."At last Jojo moved and got on top of Marko who spread his buttocks with
both hands offering himself to the boy. Jojo steered his member with his
hand aiming at the hole and let himself go down sinking davinci model
into Marko with
just one stroke.He lay bikini model sale still on Marko's body and panted "Oh good lord... oh, good
lord..." and his young body was trembling all over with excitement.Fuck me go on!" Marko spurred him on. He was excited by Jojo's extreme
excitement.Jojo slowly raised himself pushing on his arms and slightly relaxing,
then pushed on his knees and started to move his pelvis up and down
hesitantly at mia model toplist
first moaning and trembling. After just four or five
strokes he all of a sudden let himself down again limply. He had already
reached his orgasm and unloaded inside Marko. He was moaning
incoherently and his body was shaking as if he had been given an
electric shock.They stayed like that lying still for some minutes. Then Jojo slowly
slipped away and lay on his back at Marko's side. His face was again wet
with tears. Marko got on top of him and hugged him and kissed him."Was that good Jojo?""Good? You ask me if it was good? Why did you do this to me Marko?""What Jojo? What did I do to you?" Marko asked, not understanding."You have... you have bewitched me" I now... I now belong to you. Body
and soul and everything... Oh, good lord! Don't send me away don't let
me go away now! Keep me here with you! I'll be your slave... I'll do
anything you ask me if you only make love to me like that again ... Your
slave forever..." Jojo said upset and then he began to cry."Hey Jojo! Jojo calm down! We just made love...""Love...""Yes love. I like men and you are a really beautiful little man.""Nooo! I'm just a half-woman... I.""Nooo!" Marko mimicked him girl teen models gently smiling. "You are a true man like me
and like everybody. Half-women don't exist.""But I like being fucked in my arse...""And you also like to put it in an arse don't you? You liked fucking me,
didn't you?""It's my first time... and I came too fast...""You were too excited...""Take me Marko! Fuck me!""Another time if you want. Not now. And you will not go out there any
more you won't go to... to 'help' the others any more. You will stay
here with me and indian sexy models with the rest of us, if you want. You will travel the
roads of the world with us.""And will I have to... to 'help' your friends?""No. If you feel like making love to them you can do it. If you don't
want you just don't do it.""But they... you don't have women with you... how do they abby model teen manage? How do
you live?""We usually make love amongst us.""But who is the one fucked by all the others?""All of us. We all do what we like best fucking or being fucked sucking
or being sucked. And some do more and some do less. We like doing
everything amongst little sexy model us. But none of us ever forces another to do
anything. One can arabic nude models
ask or suggest it. But each of us Rogasi is free to
make love when he feels like it and with whom he likes so long as the
other is game too. And if you want you can ask true teen models Zanko if you can become a
member of the Rogasi and live with us like the rest of us.""Good lord my head is spinning. I can't understand any more... too many
emotions all of a sudden... I don't have to lower my trousers each time
one calls me if I come with you?""Of course not if you don't want to.""And they won't be upset lingerie model teens with me? Won't they thrash me?""Absolutely not of course not!""Marko...""Tell me...""Who taught you to make love so beautifully?""They did... all of them.""And will you teach me too?""Yes of course. If you want.""It still seems to me like a dream. No. Better than a dream as I never
dreamed of anything so beautiful of anything so special. Tell bikini models swimsuits me I'm not
dreaming, Marko.""No you are not dreaming Jojo."They talked some more with Jojo curled against Marko who was tenderly
embracing and stroking him. After a couple of hours Marko told him it
would be better they dressed or else his friends would teeny models nonude
came to check if
they had died of pleasure.Jojo giggled at that thought and said "Well I almost did die of
pleasure."Marko told him to stay inside the caravan on the bed if he inna model pics wanted. He
would go out to tell the others that Jojo intended to stay with them."Come back soon please Marko." The boy asked him begging with his eyes.Marko kissed him on the mouth and went outside. He looked for his
friends. They gathered and Marko told them how it had been.Zanko then said "Maybe we should strike camp at once and go away
immediately before somebody comes to look for Jojo.""Wouldn't it be better if you instead went to see their chief to warn
him that we are taking Jojo with us?" Mateo asked."I really don't think so. He would not understand I young models photography
think... and above
all I fear that several of the men would oppose us. After all Jojo was
an easy way for anyone to get their rocks off. Now Marko please will you
go and tell Jojo to stay hidden inside the caravan while we strike camp
quickly and leave."In less than one hour they were ready. Zanko went to say goodbye to the
Lovara chief.The man asked him somewhat amazed "Why this sudden departure?""Sudden? Absolutely not! We told you the day we got here that we would
leave today. Don't you remember?" Zanko lied."Oh... you're right... I think I remember now..." the Lovara free bondage model
chief said
at once to avoid losing face. He wished galery models them a good journey.Zanko went back to his car and the two caravans with Jojo hiding inside
one of them left the camp.They travelled for hours until they were the other side of Rome and
stopped only when they were at the outskirts of Terni. Marko at once
went into the caravan where Jojo was hiding."Hey lazy bones come on out and help us to pitch camp!""I'm one of you now aren't I?" Jojo asked with shining eyes."You will be in a while. You have to ask Zanko. Then we all will vote.
Then there will be the initiation rite... and thus you will be a Rogasi
at last.""Oh! But... and if the vote says no?""There is no danger of that puppy!" Marko said laughing. "Come out and
help us to pitch camp. Now hurry up!""Are there other Romany amateur ebony model groups on this site?""No just our group."Jojo went outside and looked at the others who just waved at him as a
simple greeting as if he had always been with them. They pitched camp.
Then Jojo went to see Zanko and formally asked if he could become a
Rogasi.That same evening they ate around the fire then Zanko asked Jojo to
withdraw and they voted - there were daisy ls models seven red stones. They called back
the boy and Marko told him he had been unanimously accepted then he
explained that the initiation ceremony would be carried out on the two
following nights. The next day Mateo and Jojo went to Terni to buy new
clothes for the ceremony and some other clothes too as the boy had
nothing but the rags he was wearing. Mateo, who was going to be his
godfather went to see a jeweller to buy a small gold object as the
offering and from which Dule would then make the new ring.Late that evening they performed the first part of the ceremony. When
Marko took Jojo into the caravan to give him his seed and his breath,
while the others outside were starting korean model pics the party Jojo undressed and got
onto the bed and rolled into the foetal elsa models position, his eyes shut happily
waiting for Marko to penetrate him at last. Jojo knew and understood
that it was a rite but he was also waiting with longing for that
penetration that in his mind he knew would be the most beautiful and the
most desired of all the pleasures he had ever tasted. When the part of
the rite inside the caravan was over Jojo kissed Marko's member before
putting on his new clothes.Then he said "Thank you Marko! You are more than a berlin teen model
father to me now. I
will belong to you forever beer models
whatever may happen. You really gave me life
you made me a real man. Therefore my life belongs to you. I will belong
to you forever."The following evening he got the ring too. So there were now eight
Rogasi.When they finally went to bed Jojo was in illegal model galleries
the same bed with Marko, Zanko
and Mateo.Zanko caressed Jojo and told him, "I would like to make love to you
Jojo..."The boy turned towards Marko and asked him in a whisper in his ear "Can
I say no to Zanko?""Of course you can.""But he is the chief...""It doesn't matter."Then Jojo turned toward Zanko and said "Zanko... don't get upset with me
but... but I would rather not... at least not now."Zanko ruffled his hair and said "Alright puppy. But I hope that one day
it will be you asking me because I like you very much.""I'm sorry, russian young model Zanko but I would like to stick to doing it just with Marko
at least for the time being.""That's fine. I will ask female models pee Mateo if he feels like doing it with me..."And that night on that bed the two couples made love side by side but
separately.The next day during lunch Zanko said that it was time they bought a
third lsmodels forum car and built nonnude model pic a new caravan. They bought the car before the
flatbed for the caravan because they didn't have much money and Zanko
didn't still want to touch the money hidden in the wheel hub. About a
month later while they were near Ravenna they found the ls model kids flatbed of an
old trailer that with a few changes could become the basis for the third
caravan. They still had some spare wood and they bought some more and
started to build the new caravan. In this one they decided to place a
bed at each of the two ends so that they could sleep in pairs two on
each bed as that would be more comfortable. It would also give room for
new members if they videos model preten
accepted any more. Jojo, who was a rather good
fierari and so also a mechanic showed himself to be really useful.One month later Jojo was still politely refusing advances from all the
others and had only made love to Marko. Then while they were working
together one afternoon he said "Marko... can I ask you something?""Of course son. What?" Marko asked with a wide smile."Well you see I... I like Dule very much. Can I ask him if ... if by
chance he thailand bakini modelscom
feels like... sharing a bed with me tonight?""Of course you youngest asian models can! And you don't need to ask me for permission Jojo!
You are a Romany and a Rogasi therefore you are a manush a free man! You
can do whatever you feel like as long as you respect the Rogasi law. So
go and see Dule and tell him of your desire and if agrees tonight or
whenever the two of you like best go and share a bed with him. And if
you don't want anybody in bed with you at any other time model littel girl
you have just
to close the curtain; you do know that don't you? And have a good time
Jojo! Dule is a tender lover.""And he has a little brother nonnude junior models that I like very much!" Jojo said and went
away to look for Dule.Marko laughed heartily and watched him go away.Dule was fixing the supper with Patrizio.Jojo went up to him and asked "Are you very busy Dule?""Well rather. Why?""If norwegian models
I help you now afterwards can you give me nude models neitherlands some time?"Dule looked at him curiously and then said pretty preeten models
"Alright Jojo and with
pleasure.The boy asked them how he could help and started with a will. Patrizio
had guessed why Jojo was there asking for Dule's time. He had noticed
how the boy kept glancing from time to time at Dule. After a while he
said in a casual tone "I can manage to finish this on my own now. If you
have something else to do... you can go and leave this to me."Jojo brightened. "Thank you Patri. Can you come into the other caravan
please, Dule?""Yes..." he answered still without guessing what for.When they were in the caravan with the bathroom Jojo strawberry child model
said to Dule "Well
I... I would like to pull the bed down and... and also draw the
curtain... if you agree Dule."Dule finally understood and smiled "Of course I asian models stripping agree. Oh yes! Clearly
you needed my help to pull down the bed and to shut the curtain...
Jojo.""But I really wanted... I wanted b2 bomber models to... to take super chid model care of your little
brother and ask you if you wanted to take care of mine for a while...""Sure second cousin and with real pleasure. And before supper we have
still enough time for Teen role model each other I think.""I like your little brother so very much... I saw it and...""Yes Jojo and I'm sure that my little brother will like you a lot,
because I like you very much. Here the bed is ready. Let's get on it
now...""Will you undress me while I undress you?" Jojo asked while Dule was
taking him into his arms and beginning to kiss him. Dule pushed his
erection against him to which Jojo at once responded with his own
erection.The others had to call them for the supper. But no-one teased them when
they arrived both smiling and with satisfied expressions on their faces.-----------------------------CONTINUES IN CHAPTER 9-----------------------------In my home page I've put some more of my stories. If someone wants to
read them, the URL ishttp://andrejkoymasky.comIf you want to send me feed-back, or desire to help revising my English
translations, so that I can put on-line more of my stories in English
please e-mail atandrejandrejkoymasky.com---------------------------

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